Germany chooses the CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopter to replace its CH-53G

After more than a year of hesitation, Berlin has finally made its decision regarding the replacement of its CH-53G heavy transport helicopters. According to the German press, the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht would indeed have chosen the model proposed by Boeing, the CH-47F Chinook, instead of the CH-53K, to equip the Bundeswehr. The main argument in favor of the Boeing aircraft is obviously its price for purchase but also for maintenance, Berlin planning to acquire 60 aircraft for €5 billion, whereas it would have been possible to acquire only 40 CH-53K for the same amount. In addition, the Chinook is already employed by…

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Can Germany become the pillar of European Defense in the making?

The Russian aggression against Ukraine has shattered many certainties in Europe concerning the security reality of the old continent. The country which is today most severely affected by these changes is none other than the one which announced on February 27, barely 4 days after the start of the Russian offensive, the most radical change in its own policy, abandoning 30 years of Soft-Power and OstPolitik for spectacular measures to modernize and strengthen its armed forces, with an immediate envelope of €100 billion and an annual budget that will be increased beyond the 2% of GDP demanded by the NATO since...

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Will Germany limit itself to 35 F-35As for its Luftwaffe?

Unsurprisingly, the German Chancellery has therefore announced, as part of its program to increase the strength of its armed forces, the acquisition of 35 F-35A combat aircraft from the American Lockheed-Martin to ensure the sharing mission. NATO nuclear power, of which Berlin is one of the 5 pillars with Ankara, Amsterdam, Brussels and Rome, alongside 15 electronic warfare devices and suppression of enemy anti-aircraft defenses Typhoon ECR from the European consortium Eurofighter bringing together Germany, the Spain, Italy and Great Britain, in order to replace the Tornado ECR which ensured this mission until now. Beyond signing the end of the production of the F/A…

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Will France align its defense effort with Germany?

Among the profound geopolitical upheavals caused by the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the announcement made on Sunday 27 February by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the Bundestag about the massive increase in the German defense effort, is undoubtedly the one that will have the most consequences in Europe in the medium and long term. Breaking with 30 years of chronic underinvestment by the Bundeswehr, which led the German Chief of Staff to publicly warn Berlin about the deteriorated operational capabilities of its armies from the first day of the conflict in Ukraine, Berlin announced a plan aimed at to modernize the German armies in the short term with…

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First lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian war

5 days after the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, it is now possible to better understand the strategies implemented by the various protagonists, and to learn the first lessons concerning the operational capacities of the belligerents, and thus to better understand and anticipate possible developments in this conflict and tensions in Europe. The Russian Invasion Plan and the Ukrainian Defensive Strategy Clearly, the strategy employed by the Russian forces since the beginning of the conflict responds to a meticulously elaborated and long-standing invasion plan. The Russian armies came very close to obtaining total operational surprise by leading no…

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will discuss the F-35 in Washington next week

Although no official announcement has yet been made on this subject by the new management team in Berlin, it does seem, in view of the numerous converging indiscretions obtained by various press sources in the country, that Germany is heading every day more towards the acquisition of a small fleet of American F-35As to replace its obsolete Tornado to carry out NATO's nuclear sharing mission. And according to a dispatch from the Reuters agency, the subject will even be discussed no later than next week by Olaf Scholz with his American counterpart during the Chancellor's visit...

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Will the F-35 hypothesis reappear in Germany?

The new coalition in power in Germany yesterday published the coalition agreement which constitutes the global contract around which the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals have agreed to govern the country together. The 177-page document covers many economic, social, environmental and international political aspects. Contrary to the general policy discourse presented by each new French government, this coalition agreement constitutes a firm commitment to which the coalition government has agreed and committed itself, and each paragraph, each word has been weighed in it. The defense dimension is naturally dealt with there, as is the European dimension of this…

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Germany reduces the increase in its defense budget

Are the German authorities suffering from schizophrenia? In any case, this is the question that can be asked when, barely two days after having proposed the design and use of a European aircraft carrier, and having once again put forward the hypothesis of 'an abandonment by France of its seat as a Permanent member of the UN Security Council, in favor of Europe, now they are announcing that the 2019 Defense budget will ultimately be €43,2 billion, and not €47,2 billion as planned, and announced on several occasions, in particular at the last NATO summit, as finance minister Olaf had been demanding for several months...

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Can we develop a Franco-German aircraft carrier?

In recent months, part of the German political class, the most Europhile, seems particularly prolific in terms of the European defense cooperation project, and in particular concerning Franco-German cooperation. Sometimes the idea clearly misses the mark, as when Finance Minister Olaf Sholtz of the SPD party, an ally of Angela Merkel's CDU, proposed that France cede its seat as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to the European Union, an idea as incongruous as it is legally impossible. Angela Merkel spoke in favor of a European army proposed by E. Macron, in a speech to the European Parliament on November 13, 2018. The…

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