Is the attitude of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean a threat to Europe and to NATO?

For more than a year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has been providing massive support to the GNA, the government of Libyan national unity which militarily opposes the National Liberation Army of…

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The Sri Lankan Navy received a frigate offered by China

The P625 Open Water Patrolman (OPV), named SLNS Parakramabahu, entered service in the Sri Lankan Navy during a ceremony held on August 22 in the presence of President Maithripala ...

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The frigates Adelaide, the anti-Belh @ rra plan of Lockheed in Greece

For many years, the Hellenic Navy has been seeking to acquire French vessels, first FREMM in FREDA version, then FTI, perhaps supported by Gowind2500 corvettes. And…

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Is the West aware of its military vulnerability?

In his hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, General Facon, commander of the Army Doctrine and Command Center, pressed against ...

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Russian submarines are again a credible threat

In its 2018 report in June, the British Defense Committee estimated that the resurgence of the Russian submarine threat would require a rapid increase in the number of anti-submarine frigates and maritime patrol aircraft deployed by the Royal Navy. Navy, estimating ...

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