DARPA has successfully tested a second model of hypersonic cruise missile

When in March 2018, Vladimir Putin announced that the Kinzhal hypersonic airborne ballistic missile would soon enter service, all Western armed forces understood that this new technology would quickly become an operational imperative, and that in this area, they had left it to the Russia, but also to China, which the following year presented its own DF17 hypersonic missile, a far too large advance. If the Europeans, as usual, reacted with the speed of a sea cucumber, the Japanese, Australians, South Koreans and especially the United States reacted with speed and determination, quickly implementing programs aimed at acquiring as many quickly of this type of armament. Mon…

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The US authorizes the sale of E-2D Hawkeye radar planes for the French Navy

Last Monday, the US State Department announced that it had authorized the export of $7,5 billion worth of military equipment to several countries around the world, including Israel, Lithuania, Argentina and Indonesia. France was also concerned by this announcement, since the American government officially authorizes the French Navy to acquire, within the framework of an FMS (Foreign Military Sales) procedure, three E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar planes. With the associated equipment, the amount of the contract could rise to $2 billion (double what had been previously announced), the price of two destroyers or an entire flotilla of Rafale M combat aircraft. the price…

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Northrop Grumman unveils a mini-torpedo designed for the MQ-8C Fire Scout UAV and Virginia-class attack submarines

The American company Northrop Grumman recently unveiled a mini-torpedo called Very Lightweight Torpedo, or VLWT, based on a design developed by the US Navy. This new ultralight torpedo should be offered under the CRAW (Compact Rapid Attack Weapon) program aimed at developing a lightweight torpedo capable of acting as a "hard-kill" self-defense weapon for attack submarines of the Virginia class. However, beyond underwater applications, Northrop Grumman plans to fully exploit the potential of its ultra-lightweight torpedo by integrating it on board its MQ-8C Fire Scout naval drone. For Northrop Grumman, this would then be an opportunity to offer a real naval UCAV (combat drone)...

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Taiwan wants to integrate an electronic war pod on its light aircraft F-CK-1 Ching-kuo

The Chungshan State Institute of Science and Technology, which manages the development of Taiwanese defense technologies, announced that the hundred Ching-kuo light fighters in service in Taiwan should soon be equipped with an electronic warfare pod developed locally. During the 1980s, following Washington's refusal to export the F-16 and the F-20 Tigershark light fighter, Taiwan set out to develop its own next-generation light fighter, the F-CK-1 Ching-kuo or Indigenous Defense Fighter. Initially, 250 aircraft were planned, but the order was reduced to 130 aircraft after France and the United States authorized the sale…

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Northrop Grumman Launches Production of New AARGM-ER Missile to Counter Denial of Access Systems

On March 31, the US Navy announced that production of a first batch of Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile – Extended Range (AARGM-ER) missiles had begun at Northrop Grumman. This air-to-surface missile is above all intended for anti-radar missions (SEAD – Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses), and will therefore be carried on board the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler and F-35A deployed aboard US Navy aircraft carriers. The USAF should also receive this new weapon for the replacement of its HARM missiles carried by its F-16, and should generalize its use to its fleet of F-35A but also to its future F-15EX and its…

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Japan rejects US proposals for new generation fighter

A few weeks ago, Tokyo announced that it would not accept European co-production offers for its new generation fighter program, namely the discreet French approaches and especially the British offer carried by BAe. On the other hand, American offers of assistance from Lockheed-Martin on the one hand, and from Boeing on the other, remained on the table. Today, it seems that the American hopes are disappointed, since the Japanese authorities have announced that the F-3 program will be developed on a purely national architecture. Concretely, the cell and the flight controls of the device intended to replace the F-2 light fighters of the Japanese self-defense forces, will be entirely developed...

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Northrop-Grumman develops missile to intercept hypersonic weapons

DARPA, the Pentagon's R&D agency, selected aircraft manufacturer Northrop Grumman a few days ago to carry out the study and technology demonstration phase of its Glide Breaker hypersonic threat defense concept. Launched in 2018, Glide Breaker is part of a larger hypersonic missile defense effort. This component in particular is primarily interested in the destruction of hypersonic gliders (Hypersonic Glide Vehicles in English), such as the Russian Avangard missile or the Chinese DF-17. The HGVs developed in recent years are revolutionizing strategic warfare by replacing the old inert loads of ballistic missiles. Hypersonic gliders...

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DARPA develops a surveillance sonar combining AI and biological

The US Defense Research Agency DARPA commissioned Northrop Grumman to design an underwater surveillance system based on biological elements, the PALS[efn_note]Persistent Aquatic Living Sensors[/efn_note] program. To do this, the industrialist will select and then interface biological entities that are very sensitive to variations in the marine environment with an artificial intelligence that will interpret and classify the signals, before transmitting them. The use of biological sensors will make it possible to extend not only the perceptual capacities of the system, but its resistance in the marine environment, very hostile by nature for metallic elements, for example. In addition, this approach should reduce the energy consumption of the system,…

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