SCAF vs NGAD: is Europe behind an industrial generation?

In the field of new generation combat aircraft, two programs face each other in the West. On the one hand, the SCAF program for Future Air Combat System, brings together Germany, Spain and France, with the aim of simultaneously developing a new platform, the Next Generation Fighter or NGF intended to replace the French Rafale and the German and Spanish Typhoons, as well as a set of systems that evolve the device into a new era of info-centric combat. On the other hand, the Next Generation Air Dominance, or NGAD, is the new US Air Force program which will initially replace the F-22 Raptor alongside the F-35A,…

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Is technology moving too fast for industrial defense programs?

For 2 years, the United States Marine Corps has begun a deep reflection on the nature of its mission in the years to come, and on the means at its disposal to carry it out successfully against a technologically advanced adversary with significant military resources, such as the Chinese People's Liberation Army, all in a budgetary context that is at best fixed, at worst declining. The first advances in this thinking came to light with the publication last year of a new intervention doctrine for the Corps, based on smaller, much more mobile and agile units, acting in…

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Could a new American fighter enter service as early as 2029?

According to official US Air Force speech, the F35A remains the top equipment priority for years to come, and no program has been launched to replace Lockheed-Martin's aircraft in the very ambitious plan which should make it the only replacement for the A10, F16 and part of the F15 currently in service. As for the Next Generation Air Dominance program, or NGAD (Air force), it is expected for the middle or the end of the next decade in order to replace the F22 Raptors which will then reach their age limit. For the US Navy, the discourse is essentially the same, since the NGAD program…

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Are China and Russia on the way to winning the technological challenge in the West?

Late last week, General Mark D. Kelly, commander of the Air Combat Command of the United States Air Force, expressed his concerns about a possible technological downgrading of the United States by China in terms of 6th generation hunters. According to him, the postponement or additional delays concerning the Next Generation Advanced Fighter, or NGAD, program would almost certainly allow China to impose itself in this technological challenge, given the dynamics and the method demonstrated by the programs. defense of Beijing in recent years. At the same time, a US Congress report also highlighted…

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