For its leaders, the US Air Force must move quickly or lose to China

If anyone still had doubts, the United States, and its armies, are actively preparing for a possible confrontation, and only one, against China. And to do so, the US ...

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Former NGAD Program Architect Will Roper Joins Tempest Program

The 3 years during which Doctor Will Roper directed the acquisitions and R&D of the US Air Force, from February 2018 to January 2021, were marked by dynamism ...

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The US Air Force sharpens its strategy to reduce the number of F-35As it will buy

For nearly 15 years, the US Air Force had only one answer to all questions concerning its fighter fleet, the F-35A. Decked out in the quasi-mystical abilities of ...

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The new US Air Force strategy calls for a 15-year lifecycle for its fighters

While leading the acquisitions and developments of the US Air Force under the Trump administration, Dr. Will Roper had personified a dynamic of radical change in the piloting of ...

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The US Air Force wants to design the NGAD program as a family of fighter jets

Since the early 70s and the arrival of the first digital systems on board combat aircraft, very few development programs have focused on developing, no…

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NATO calls for a rapprochement of the SCAF, Tempest and NGAD programs

No, it is not a question of merging the 3 programs! (this should cut short many comments from people who have only read the title). This being…

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The US Air Force's future NGAD fighter program will be the antithesis of the F35 (2/2)

This article follows the article "The future NGAD fighter program of the US Air Force will be the antithesis of the F35 (1/2)" published on May 18, 2021. During its hearing before…

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The program of the future NGAD fighter of the US Air Force will be the antithesis of the F35 (1/2)

For a little over 3 years, the program initially intended to design the air superiority fighter to replace the F22, the Next Generation Air Dominance or NGAD, has been ...

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