Taiwan: When and how will China go on the offensive?

For several years, the tensions between Washington and Beijing around the Taiwanese question have continued to grow, to now become a subject constantly flirting with the casus belli, between the incursions of the navy and the American and allied air forces at sea. of South China and in the Taiwan Strait, the interceptions and the naval and air incursions of the People's Liberation Army around the island, and the successive and reciprocal responses as soon as Washington sends a new load of armaments, parliamentarians or members of the government in Taipei. The belligerent dynamic is such that from now on, the armed forces…

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The 4 major advances of the new Chinese aircraft carrier CV-18 Fujian

As expected, the new Chinese aircraft carrier, dubbed CV-18 Fujian, was launched on Friday in Shanghai, marking a new stage in the industrial and operational evolution of the People's Liberation Army Navy. Beyond the undeniable industrial success for Beijing, which will have launched in less than 12 years 3 aircraft carriers of increasing technology and tonnage, the Fujian constitutes a key asset for the Chinese Navy in its showdown in the making with the US Navy and its allies, offering several major advances in the capabilities that will be available to the Chinese military and industrialists in the years to come, ranging from electric propulsion…

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China has just completed the first operational test campaign of its trimaran stealth naval drone

The Chinese authorities have announced that they have successfully conducted the first sea trial campaign for a trimaran surface naval drone demonstrator on June 7, 2022, after a 3-hour autonomous operational mission at sea, which made it possible to collect lots of data. In September 2020, a photo published on social networks caused a sensation by showing a prototype of a Chinese surface drone on the Yantze River, in a configuration in all respects comparable to that of the Sea Hunter surface drone of the US Navy. In these dimensions as in its tonnage, the Chinese ship indeed seemed directly inspired…

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New model of nuclear attack submarine identified in China

While all media attention is now focused on developments in the conflict in Ukraine, the other theaters of operation and potential confrontation continue to evolve. This is particularly the case in Asia and in the Indo-Pacific theatre, with successive announcements concerning the development of new capacities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and above all in the People's Republic of China. Among these revelations, the dissemination of a satellite photo showing a new model of a Chinese nuclear attack submarine deserves very special attention, as the underwater dimension will constitute, in the years to come, a major area of ​​confrontation between Peking and the Western Camps. Until he...

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China's new hypersonic anti-ship missiles are a game-changer in the Pacific

Could China have stolen the courtesy from Russia by deploying a hypersonic anti-ship missile aboard its new Type 055 heavy destroyers? In any case, this is the question that arises following the publication of photos showing the firing of a missile identified as YJ-21 from one of these ships, suggesting that the missile could actually be in service, or at least in the advanced testing phase. As if that news alone wasn't enough, new photos have emerged showing an H-6N long-range naval bomber also carrying an anti-ship ballistic missile, which…

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A new model of Chinese submarine makes its appearance

Like Russia, China is developing a mixed submarine fleet, simultaneously composed of nuclear-powered submersibles and conventionally powered ships. Today, this conventional fleet is mainly composed of Type 039 submarines, forming the Song classes (Type 039, 13 units) and the Yuan class, this time integrating anaerobic propulsion AIP, and broken down into 3 Type subclasses 039A/B/C. According to Beijing's official planning, the Chinese naval forces will have 42 Yuan-class submarines by 2025, for a conventional submarine fleet of about XNUMX units. However, monitoring the constitution of this Chinese submarine fleet is…

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A new version of the Chinese heavy embarked fighter J-15 soon in service?

As for the J-11 air superiority fighter which was derived from the Su-27, or the J-16 fighter-bomber derived from the Su-30, the standard carrier-based fighter of the Chinese naval aviation, the J-15, results from a reverse-engineered a Russian fighter from the Flanker family, in this case a Su-33 acquired from Ukraine when Beijing acquired the hull of the aircraft carrier Varyag, left unused in the shipyards Ukrainians after the implosion of the Soviet Union. But unlike the J-11B, and especially the J-16, the J-15 had undergone little modernization in the conversion process, and suffered from several defects that already struck its Soviet big brother, in particular…

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The Chinese Navy will have received 8 new destroyers in 2021 alone

As we know, the Chinese military naval industry has been extremely successful for several years. Thus, from 2017 to 2020, it had enabled the Chinese Navy to accept into active service no less than 21 destroyers, i.e. 3 times more ships of this type than those entered into service with the US Navy, the South Korean Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces over the same period. Far from slowing down the pace, it set a new record in 2021 with no less than 8 destroyers delivered to the Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army, or more exactly, 3 Type cruisers...

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Chinese H-6J bombers train to drop naval mines

If the Chinese Navy is now solid in terms of surface fleet, with in the next few months a fleet composed of 5 Type 055 cruisers and 25 Type 052D destroyers in line, plus a hundred frigates and corvettes, it remains under threat American but also Japanese, South Korean or even Australian submarines (in the distant, very distant future…), as shown by the accident of the USS Connecticut in the China Sea two months ago. Although medium-term measures have been taken, such as the gradual arrival of new Type 039C submarines or the possible replacement of the first 20…

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