Ukrainian and Western intelligence fear Russian winter offensive in Ukraine

The scenario is well known now. According to satellite observations and Ukrainian and Western intelligence services, Russia massages a considerable armed force of nearly ...

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Faced with Western threat, Vladimir Putin will increase Russian air defenses

Between 2012 and 2020, the Russian armed forces underwent a phase of modernization and operational preparation of an exceptional magnitude, notably seeing the number of its combat brigades ...

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Joe Biden vows to do 'all he can' for new Turkish F-16s

As we had written, the request from President Erdogan to the United States to acquire forty new F-16 fighters, as well as 80 kits to modernize a part ...

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NATO on the offensive against Russia and European defense aspirations

After the American debacle in Afghanistan this summer, several European leaders revived the desire to acquire, within the European Union, a military capacity ...

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Turkey wants 40 new F-16s and 80 modernization kits from the United States

With 245 F-16 fighter jets in the fleet, the Turkish Air Force is the third largest Fighting Falcon user on the planet after the United States and Israel, and ...

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Does NATO's B-61 nuclear bomb still have military or political interest?

From the start of the Cold War, the United States undertook to deploy nuclear weapons of different types on the soil of their European allies, such as gravitational bombs, missiles ...

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Ukraine, Taiwan: will the United States change its posture vis-à-vis Russia and China?

The global geopolitical map today is still largely conditioned by agreements signed during or just after the Cold War, and has been very effectively staged by Moscow ...

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Bringing France's defense effort to 3% of GDP: necessary? sufficient? sustainable?

During his last hearing as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces by the Defense and Security Commission of the National Assembly, General Lecointre, questioned by a deputy on this…

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