The SCAF program breaks the rut, without solving the fundamental problems

After several weeks of psychodrama against a backdrop of growing tensions between German industrial demands deemed excessive by France, and positions deemed authoritarian by French industry according to Germany, ...

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Intellectual property issues threaten the SCAF program

In the small world of European defense cooperation, things are not going as well as they seem. Because if officially, manufacturers are actively engaged with ...

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Western sanctions threaten several Turkish defense programs

The scope of European sanctions concerning the deliveries of weapons and defense systems to Turkey following the offensive against the Kurdish forces of the YPG in the north ...

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Paris, Berlin and Madrid agree on the SCAF program

The Future Air Combat System program, SCAF or FCAS in English, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, faced several blocking points in recent months,…

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Can we merge the SCAF and Tempest programs into a single European program?

After the call from Patrice Caine, CEO of Thales, it is the turn of Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus, to call for the merger of the SCAF programs bringing together Germany, Spain and France, ...

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