Soft-Power and the weakness of the armed forces increasingly criticized in Germany

The current crisis between Turkey and the Franco-Greek alliance has been an opportunity for Berlin to once again try to put forward its conception of international and European relations, based on diplomatic meetings, possible economic sanctions, and a lot of patience. But this approach is now increasingly criticized by many Germans themselves, who question the inability of Berlin, and especially Angela Merkel, to consider another mode of action, if as much as that is possible given the state of advanced disintegration of the German armed forces. The charge came this time from Tom Enders, the former president of the Airbus group, in a tribune…

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60% of Germans want increased cooperation with France on the international scene

Sometimes studies offer results that surprise their sponsors. This is how a study conducted jointly by the American think tank Pew Research Center in Washington DC, and the German think tank Koerber Stiftung in Hamburg, based on the analysis of a survey conducted among 1000 Americans and 1000 Germans from more than 18 years, has shown the gap that exists between the American and German conceptions of the issues of defense and international politics. Put into perspective with the study carried out on the occasion of the Munich forum on La Défense in 2019, it would even appear that the Germans, unlike their leaders, would mainly have positions…

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Can we develop a Franco-German aircraft carrier?

In recent months, part of the German political class, the most Europhile, seems particularly prolific in terms of the European defense cooperation project, and in particular concerning Franco-German cooperation. Sometimes the idea clearly misses the mark, as when Finance Minister Olaf Sholtz of the SPD party, an ally of Angela Merkel's CDU, proposed that France cede its seat as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to the European Union, an idea as incongruous as it is legally impossible. Angela Merkel spoke in favor of a European army proposed by E. Macron, in a speech to the European Parliament on November 13, 2018. The…

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