The US Navy funds a drone program with a range of more than a week

Among the lessons learned from the Ukraine war, the preponderant role of reconnaissance drones in the conduct of military operations probably represents, if not the greatest surprise, in any case the most obvious confirmation of the transformations that are now taking place in the field. high-intensity military action. The success of the Ukrainian armies in the face of more numerous and powerfully armed Russian forces is in fact largely based on the perfect integration of a device combining an innovative communication system to coordinate the units deployed with the information reported by different types of drones ranging from MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) lightweight…

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General Atomics presents an on-board version of its MALE MQ-9B SkyGuardian drone

Over the past two decades, Medium Altitude Long Endurance combat drones, or MALE, such as the famous MQ-1 Predator from the American General Atomics, and its successor the MQ-9A Reaper, have profoundly changed air-land combat. Endowed (as the name suggests) with a long endurance of the order of 30 hours for the Reaper, these devices can patrol and survey huge areas thanks to advanced Electro-optical systems, and strike targets with air-to-surface munitions such as the AGM-114 Hellfire missile and the GBU-38 JDAM guided bomb. While their effectiveness in high-intensity combat remains to be determined due to significant vulnerability, and this…

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What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Air and Space Force?

On the night of April 13 to 14, 2017, 5 Rafale aircraft from the Saint-Dizier base escorted by 4 Mirage-2000-5, 2 Awacs aircraft and 6 KC-135 tanker aircraft, carried out a 10-hour raid and 7000 km to strike and destroy using the 2 SCALP cruise missiles carried by each of the Rafales, the Syrian chemical installations used by the regime of President Bashar El Assad, within the framework of a tripartite coalition bringing together the United States, the Great Britain and France. Despite the significant Syrian anti-aircraft defenses implemented, all the targets targeted by the coalition strikes in…

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Can France and Europe get back into the MALE drone race thanks to NEURON?

To say that France, and Europe in general, lacked flair regarding the arrival of drones, and in particular Medium Altitude Long Endurance or MALE combat drones, such as the MQ1 Predator, the MQ9 Reaper, or the Turkish TB2 Bayraktar, would be a profound understatement. Not only do they all have to equip themselves abroad, with the United States for the vast majority of cases, but today they still remain unable to agree on the functionalities and the financing of the Eurodrone program, which runs the risk of to see the light of day even as a new generation of combat drones, much more efficient than the one currently in service, will begin to…

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US Navy experiments with drone to hunt submarines

Anti-submarine warfare is one of the most complex disciplines of modern warfare. Faced with the immensity of the 3-dimensional ocean, submarines, frigates, destroyers, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft play a game of cat and mouse, where the first to see the other wins, and the other dies. Maritime patrol aircraft have profoundly changed this war since their appearance during the Second World War, bringing the threat beyond the detection perimeter of escort ships, by coordinating with them to track down and destroy the adversary. At that time, hunting for a submarine from an aircraft…

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Reaper drone successor will be stealthy and have even increased stamina

While the Europeans are still struggling to find out whether to finance the Eurodrone program or to rely once again on the United States for what concerns the critical field of combat drones, the American company General Atomics, the designer of the drone Predator and its successor the Reaper, presented a sketch of what will be its next model, intended to replace the two previous ones following the request for information from the US Air Force. And the least we can say is that American engineers have not hesitated to reinvent themselves to meet the operational challenges of the next decade. Because if…

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Sale of F35 and EA-18G Growler to UAE infuriates Israeli politicians

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had managed to survive politically indictments for corruption and a widely contested handling of the Covid crisis, but it seems that the agreement given to the United States to sell F35A fighters, planes of electronic warfare EA-18G Growler and Reapers drones in the United Arab Emirates in return for a normalization of relations between the two countries under the aegis of Donald Trump, was the straw that public opinion, and above all the Israeli political class, will not forgive him. Although he denies it, everything indicates that the signing of "the peace agreement...

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Presidential decree to facilitate export of combat drones divides U.S. politicians

So far, exports by the United States of category 1 drone systems, i.e. with a payload capacity of less than 500 kg at more than 300 km, such as the MQ-1 Predator, the MQ -9 Reaper or the RQ-4 Global Hawk, were conditional on an explicit prior agreement from the American authorities, according to the “presumption of refusal” rule, being assimilated to missiles in the Missile Technology Control Regime, or MTCR, legislation. The acquiring country had to justify, by exceptional circumstances, its request, which generated a long procedure, and appreciably more cumbersome than for other equipment. According to the declarations of several industrialists…

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As the Eurodrone stagnates, the US Air Force prepares the successor to the famous MQ-9 Reaper

Last March, the head of acquisitions of the United States Air Force, Will Roper, announced before the United States Congress that the USAF wanted to stop the production of MQ-9 Reaper drones from 2022. As we explained in a detailed article at the time, this premature cessation of Reaper deliveries should make it possible to finance a new family of more or less complex drones capable of resuming both ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions and strike operations in currently assigned to the Reapers, while extending the spectrum of missions that can be entrusted to unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Today, a first...

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