Reaper drone successor will be stealthy and have even increased stamina

While Europeans are still scrambling to find out whether to finance the Eurodrone program or to rely once again on the United States for what concerns this critical area ...

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India launches acquisition of 6 additional Boeing P8i Poseidon

The growing tensions between Beijing and New Delhi are obviously taken very seriously by the Indian authorities, which are increasing the procedures for acquiring defense equipment, sometimes under emergency procedures, etc.

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Will drones soon replace fighter planes?

The week, the charismatic president of the Tesla and SpaceX companies, Elon Musk, amazed the assistance of fighter pilots of the Air Force Association when he declared that the replacement of pilots…

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MALE drones would they become too vulnerable?

Snapshots from Libya show a Wing Loong MALE drone (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) of Chinese origin destroyed by the government anti-aircraft defense. This announcement only extends the ...

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Does the twin engine configuration for the EuroMALE drone make sense?

During the presentation of the first sketches of the EuroMale, the European Medium Altitude Long Endurance drone resulting from the combined efforts of Germany, France, Spain and Italy, many ...

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