General Atomics introduces the lightweight Eaglet airborne drone intended for high intensity

Since the entry into service of the first MALE MQ-1 Predator drone in the US Air Force in 1995, the role of these aircraft piloted from the ground and equipped with an autonomy of more than 24 hours has not stopped growing. in world armies. Now, most of the world's major armies use this type of drone, or its successor the MQ-9 Reaper, to carry out intelligence and sometimes strike missions in low-intensity theaters, as was the case during the Iraqi campaigns. and Afghans for the United States, or for Operation Barkhane in the Sahel for the French armies.…

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Taiwan to equip MALE drones with Sky Sword I air-to-air missiles

Taiwan is undoubtedly today one of the countries evolving under the greatest external military pressure on the planet. Thus, the Chinese authorities have once again announced the holding of not one, but two major naval exercises in the South of the China Sea, and therefore near the independent island, at the beginning of the week. Moreover, one of these exercises will focus on an amphibious assault, a threat taken very seriously by the authorities in Taipei. This explains why Defense news so often deals with Taiwanese defense programs, whether local programs or the acquisition of Defense equipment from...

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Reaper drone successor will be stealthy and have even increased stamina

While the Europeans are still struggling to find out whether to finance the Eurodrone program or to rely once again on the United States for what concerns the critical field of combat drones, the American company General Atomics, the designer of the drone Predator and its successor the Reaper, presented a sketch of what will be its next model, intended to replace the two previous ones following the request for information from the US Air Force. And the least we can say is that American engineers have not hesitated to reinvent themselves to meet the operational challenges of the next decade. Because if…

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India launches acquisition of 6 additional Boeing P8i Poseidon

The growing tensions between Beijing and New Delhi are obviously taken very seriously by the Indian authorities, which are increasing the procedures for acquiring defense equipment, sometimes in emergency procedures, from its international partners. This is particularly the case of the United States, to which New Delhi has just notified a request for offer (RFP for Request for Price) concerning 6 new P8i Maritime patrol aircraft, in addition to the 8 already in service and the 4 copies ordered in 2016. The contract is estimated at $1,8 billion. Initially, the order was to be for 10 additional aircraft, as announced last year by the Indian Defense Committee. Corn…

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Presidential decree to facilitate export of combat drones divides U.S. politicians

So far, exports by the United States of category 1 drone systems, i.e. with a payload capacity of less than 500 kg at more than 300 km, such as the MQ-1 Predator, the MQ -9 Reaper or the RQ-4 Global Hawk, were conditional on an explicit prior agreement from the American authorities, according to the “presumption of refusal” rule, being assimilated to missiles in the Missile Technology Control Regime, or MTCR, legislation. The acquiring country had to justify, by exceptional circumstances, its request, which generated a long procedure, and appreciably more cumbersome than for other equipment. According to the declarations of several industrialists…

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Will drones soon replace fighter planes?

The week, charismatic Tesla and SpaceX company chairman Elon Musk stunned the audience of Air Force Association fighter pilots when he said the replacement of pilots and traditional fighter jets with drones was inescapable. in a relatively short time. According to him, the mass of information to be processed by a pilot in ever shorter delays, associated with the physiological constraints of the human body, make the concept of piloted combat aircraft obsolete, and point to a single and unique solution, their disappearance in favor of unmanned systems, combat drones. And the presentation of the “Defender” concept…

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