The successor to the Harpoon anti-ship missile will be hypersonic

Entered into service in 1977, the AGM-184 Harpoon anti-ship missile was produced in more than 7500 units by MacDonnel Douglas and then Boeing Defense, and used by more than thirty navies and air forces around the world, never yielding in this field than the famous missiles of the Exocet family designed by NordAviation/Aerospatiale and entered into service in 1975. These two missiles not only shared similar performances and flight profiles, they also have in common an extraordinary longevity, as both the American and French missile continue to be produced and exported almost 50 years after their entry into service. However, for…

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France has deployed its fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey

The French Navy has announced that it has deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean from 4 to 13 November, a powerful surface combat fleet, made up of the light stealth frigate Lafayette, the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville, and the defense frigate aerial Forbin, the most powerfully armed of the French Navy's combat surface units. This naval device, designated Surface Action Group or SaG by the Admiralty, which also includes an Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft based in Crete, and an Air Force Awacs E3F Sentry forward air control aircraft, is the one of the most imposing deployed by France in the last two…

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These 5 capabilities that make the FDI Belh @ rra frigates indispensable in Greece

If the file around the order of 18 Rafale planes by Greece was negotiated in just a few weeks, the one surrounding the possible transfer of French frigates to the Hellenic Navy has been dragging on for more than a decade. The progress recorded at the beginning of the year around the acquisition of the 2 FDI Belh@rra frigates from Naval Group, in a standard identical to those ordered by the French Navy, were swept away during the summer by negotiations, it seems. it risky on the French side, having led Greece to consider other options, such as ordering new, less expensive frigates from the Netherlands or Germany. Without going into detail…

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Thales and MBDA chosen to modernize the Indonesian light frigate KRI Usman-Harun

With a defense budget having increased by 16% in 2020, the Indonesian armies have increased resources to modernize their equipment, in the context of growing tensions with China under the guise of territorial claims in the South China Sea. In addition to the air forces negotiating to acquire new combat aircraft, the Indonesian Navy is also accelerating its modernization schedule for its buildings. In this case, the Indonesian authorities announced this week that they had selected the company Thales and the European missile manufacturer MBDA to modernize the light frigate KRI Usman-Harun, one of the three units of the Bung-Tomo class. The modernization of the other two frigates, the…

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The first Chinese Rail Gun will enter service in 2025

According to a report by the American intelligence services, revealed by the CNBC site, Chinese naval units will have their first Electric Cannon in 2025. According to the site, the work carried out by China in this area was noted as early as 2011, and the first tests took place in 2014. It seems that the test phase, especially on naval units, will end in 2023. In all likelihood, based on this schedule, the next series of Type055 heavy destroyers will therefore be on the based on a modified version of it (type 055A?), capable of producing sufficient electrical energy to implement this…

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The anti-ship missile market will grow to 20 Md $ in 2031

According to an analysis by Forecast International, the market for anti-ship missiles should grow to reach $20 billion in 2031, rising from $1 billion per year today to more than €1,5 billion per year in 2027. According to this study , China will take the largest share of this market, followed by Western companies. The Franco-British MBDA has arguments to impose itself on this market, with the family of Exocet missiles, the latest version of which, the MM40 Block III, is equipped with intelligent sensors allowing the missile to attack a target with high potential military in a fleet, even without terminal guidance. the ANL (Light Anti-Ship)/Sea Venom missile,…

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The new version of the Exocet significantly improves the performance of the French missile

The family of the MM40 Exocet anti-ship missile is enriched with a new standard, already entered into service on certain units of the French Navy. The MM40 Block3C would have a new seeker capable of discerning its targets, ie recognizing and hitting the targets with the greatest military value. This capability is also integrated into the new American LRASM missiles replacing the Harpoons, and the Norwegian NSM, presented as new generation missiles. The French Navy will receive 15 new MM40 B3C missiles by 2020, probably to equip the last two FREMMs (8 units each), and the MM40 B3 missiles currently in service will gradually be brought…

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