The 5 Western Weapons Ukrainian Forces Need the Most Today

For 12 days now, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Territorial Defense have managed to resist the Russian offensive, despite an obvious tightening of the adversary's rules of engagement, when it is obvious that it is not will have no chance of a quick victory or of gaining the support or even the neutrality of the vast majority of the Ukrainian population. Initiated prior to the conflict by the United States and certain European countries, arms deliveries to the Ukrainian forces now play a decisive role in their ability to maintain pressure on the units taking part in the Russian offensive, striking effectively supply convoys and blocking certain offensives, in…

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Germany wants a European close air defense program SHORAD

Close anti-aircraft defense is undeniably one of the great vulnerabilities of modern European armies. After 30 years of asymmetrical engagements during which the air threat was non-existent or controlled by air power alone, Western armed forces gradually saw their short-range anti-aircraft systems from the Cold War, such as the Franco-French Roland German, or the British Rapier, withdrawn from service, sometimes to be replaced by short-range infantry anti-aircraft missiles such as the Mistral and the Stinger. However, if these missiles do indeed provide a timely response to engage aircraft, they do not, however, offer any advanced detection system allowing…

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MBDA presents Skywarden, a very innovative vision of the fight against drones

Whether in the field of drones themselves, or in that of systems intended to protect against drones, European industries and armies are not known to be at the forefront in these fields. This could very quickly change with the Skywarden program, developed by the European missile manufacturer MBDA, which brings a vision that is both effective and innovative in this field, likely to respond to many problems and to attract many armed forces in the years to come. to come. No need to look for a cannon, a missile or a laser, mounted on an armored vehicle, the Skywarden is before…

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Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh show need for close-range anti-aircraft systems

Since the start of the clashes on Sunday, September 27, the two Azeri and Armenian protagonists of the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh have been competing for media presence, each going from their own spectacular military results supported by videos showing the effectiveness of the destruction systems put in place. artwork. But if a lesson should already be learned from these confrontations, which can be described as medium to high intensity, given the heavy means engaged on both sides, it is the omnipresence of strikes based on drones or vagabond ammunition, highlighting the absolute necessity of having short-range anti-aircraft systems capable of neutralizing these threats, and…

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Serbia wants to acquire Chinese FK-3 anti-aircraft system to avoid US sanctions

Belgrade would have validated the order of 3 Chinese medium-range anti-aircraft systems FK-3, export version of the HQ-22 system, to strengthen its anti-aircraft capabilities. This is at least the announcement published by the site, based on information from the weapon systems import company Jugoimport-SDPR. These systems will complement the Pantsir-S1 systems delivered in February acquired from Russia, and the Mistral 3 systems acquired from France, to modernize the country's multi-layer air defense and protect strategic sites. For several years, the Serbian authorities had wanted to acquire a medium or long-range anti-aircraft system, and were particularly interested in the Russian S400.…

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Towards a replacement of the Crotale-NG missiles in the French Air Force?

In a previous article, we returned to the declarations of General Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the Army of the National Assembly, on May 6th. In the context of the current health and economic crisis, the French armies will be mobilized to participate in the economic recovery of the country. For the Air Force, this will mainly involve ordering new utility helicopters and accelerating deliveries of combat aircraft and transport and refueling aircraft. Nevertheless, General Lavigne also mentioned the possibility of modernizing certain other Air Force equipment. The short-range surface-to-air defense (SHORAD) systems of…

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The French Navy will modernize its 20mm Narwhal guns, which raises questions about the evolution of its close defense capabilities

According to Naval News, the DGA would have notified on January 16 a modernization contract for the remotely operated 20mm cannons of the French Navy, the Narwhal 20B from Nexter. The modernization operation will be carried out by Nexter and Naval Group and will take place in two stages, with technical details of the operation available in the analysis carried out by Nathan Gain for Naval News. Broadly speaking, stages V1 and V2 of this modernization, which will run until 2022, will mainly aim to improve warning fire capabilities, the accuracy and range of which today leave something to be desired against targets non-military (terrorist threats, etc.)

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Will the French Navy be widely equipped with a 40mm RAPIDFire gun?

The question of medium artillery on the surface ships of the French Navy has already arisen for several years, to the point that the general configuration of the artillery pieces of the future FDI frigates took some time before being relatively fixed. Today, in addition to a few 100mm guns arming the oldest frigates and avisos (which have become deep-sea patrol boats), the Navy articulates the artillery of its buildings around two main guns: the 76mm from Leonardo as well as the 20mm Narwhal from Nexter, which is used in addition to the 76mm on the frigates and as the main part on the new patrol boats. However, since the appearance of…

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The two new frigates José Rizal Philippines will be equipped with SIMBAD-RC MBDA

Good news for the European missile MBDA! The Philippine Navy has selected the SIMBAD-RC system to provide close protection for its two new José Rizal class frigates. The SIMBAD-RC is an automatic close protection system against aerial targets, drones, missiles and light craft, implementing 2 MBDA Mistral missiles, providing effective coverage within a radius of 6 km around the building. Reloading, manual, is very fast, so as to maintain optimum defensive capacities. The two frigates, derived from the HDF-3000 of the Korean group Hyundai Heavy Industry, and whose keel of the first unit was laid in…

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