New arms orders for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

In North Africa, the past fifteen years have seen the Algerian and Moroccan armed forces modernize in depth. If the balance of power between the two neighboring countries has not ...

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U.S. Navy to significantly boost anti-ship strike capabilities

The Pentagon's projected budget for the 2021 fiscal year should continue to be inked for some time. Like every year, the Pentagon indeed publishes a document listing ...

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New Poseidon P-8A weapons could make it a bomber

As part of a request for information to industry published on the new federal online purchasing center, the US Navy Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) unveiled some ...

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Royal Canadian Navy: modernization of the four Victoria-class submarines

The Royal Canadian Navy admitted to service between 2000 and 20004 the four Victoria-class submarines whose operational readiness would hit the headlines. It barely became ...

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Armada española: next closing of the hull of the Spanish submarine Isaac Peral

The symbolic stage of the hull closure of the first submarine of the S-80 program should take place next week (Esteban Villarejo, "Navantia, a punto de ensamblar el casco del…

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Modernization of the MM40 Exocet Block 2 and Block 3 to the Block 3C standard of the Hellenic Navy?

Recent visits by an MBDA delegation to Athens since the November 15 (Greek Defense and Intervention Program) included the modernization of MM40 subsonic anti-ship missiles ...

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Armada española: agreement on the financing of the detailed studies of the five F-110 frigates

The November 29 2019, the Spanish government committed to the shipbuilding company Navantia to provide a financing solution at a preferential interest rate with repayment ...

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