The successor to the Harpoon anti-ship missile will be hypersonic

Entered into service in 1977, the AGM-184 Harpoon anti-ship missile was produced in more than 7500 units by MacDonnel Douglas and then Boeing Defense, and used by more than thirty navies and air forces around the world, never yielding in this field than the famous missiles of the Exocet family designed by NordAviation/Aerospatiale and entered into service in 1975. These two missiles not only shared similar performances and flight profiles, they also have in common an extraordinary longevity, as both the American and French missile continue to be produced and exported almost 50 years after their entry into service. However, for…

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Is the island of Taiwan going to have to turn into a fortress?

During the Second World War, the island of Malta, under British mandate, was transformed into a defensive fortress which allowed Great Britain to hinder the ambitions of the axis in North Africa, playing a preponderant role in the final collapse of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, running out of raw materials, especially fuel. The island was so reinforced that the Herkules invasion operation, scheduled for November 1942, and which was to mobilize more than 60.000 men, 1600 vehicles and nearly 600 combat aircraft, was canceled in the face of some 26.000 defenders of the island, to a dozen tanks, and to 60 to 80 Spitfires and…

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New arms orders for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

In North Africa, the last fifteen years have seen the Algerian and Moroccan armed forces modernize in depth. If the balance of forces between the two neighboring countries has not particularly evolved between the two countries, their land, air and naval forces are now equipped with modern and efficient equipment. As the European powers experienced at the same time a reduction in their means and manpower, Morocco and especially Algeria saw by contrast their strategic importance grow in the Mediterranean region. For some years now, however, the arms race between the two countries seems to have settled down. The big contracts follow one another…

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U.S. Navy to significantly boost anti-ship strike capabilities

The Pentagon's budget forecast for the fiscal year 2021 should continue to be written about for some time. Like every year, the Pentagon indeed publishes a document listing the way in which it intends to spend the – gigantic – American defense budget over the coming fiscal year. This therefore implies placing orders, but also sacrificing certain programs in order to remain within the budget set by the civil authorities of the country. Contrary to what happens in many other nations, however, the American Congress can decide to modify, sometimes substantially, the lines of expenditure planned by the military, in order to save certain…

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New Poseidon P-8A weapons could make it a bomber

In a request for information to industry posted on the new online Federal Procurement Center, the US Navy's Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has disclosed some of its plans to expand operational capabilities of its fleet of P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. This would indeed go through the integration of new weapons on the Poseidon. These armaments would considerably extend its military capabilities, to the point of making it a real regional bomber, while making it more formidable than ever for naval combat on and under water. The debate over the extent of the operational spectrum of the P-8As has raged for years in…

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