US Army prefers Dynetics to Israel's Iron Dome for close air defense

After the demonstrations of strength and efficiency made by the Iron Dome systems to protect Israeli cities from Hamas rockets in recent months, one could reasonably think that the joint offer of Rafael and Raytheon would be preferred by the US Army against to that of the American Dynetics to provide close anti-aircraft protection of US Army sites as part of the Indirect Fire Protection Capacity program, or IFPC. However, it is the latter's Enduring Shield, using the expensive AIM-9X Sidewinder missile at $0,5 million per unit, which was chosen to the detriment of the Iron Dome and its Tamir missile at $190.000. $,…

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The US Army will test the Iron Dome to protect its vulnerable infrastructure

One of the major lessons of the war that pitted Azeri forces against Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020 was the great vulnerability of force support sites, such as logistics areas, command posts, and fortifications, in the face of modern artillery systems coupled with reconnaissance drones. And if the Armenian anti-aircraft defenses managed to keep the Azeri fighters at a distance, they were largely idle in the face of the small reconnaissance drones directing the enemy artillery fire. Beyond this example, the increase in range and accuracy of modern and future artillery systems, whether artillery…

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Taiwan to equip MALE drones with Sky Sword I air-to-air missiles

Taiwan is undoubtedly today one of the countries evolving under the greatest external military pressure on the planet. Thus, the Chinese authorities have once again announced the holding of not one, but two major naval exercises in the South of the China Sea, and therefore near the independent island, at the beginning of the week. Moreover, one of these exercises will focus on an amphibious assault, a threat taken very seriously by the authorities in Taipei. This explains why Defense news so often deals with Taiwanese defense programs, whether local programs or the acquisition of Defense equipment from...

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Raytheon to design self-defense micro-missile for US Air Force by 2023

To cope with the increased threat posed by anti-tank missiles and rockets to their armour, several armed forces, including those of Israel and Russia, undertook in the 80s and 90s to develop anti-tank systems. active self-protection intended not to decoy the missile, but to intercept it before it hits its fable. The first of these systems to enter service was the Soviet Drozd, which in the early 80s was deployed on 250 T-55As of the Soviet Marine Infantry. These systems, like the Israeli Trophy or the Russian Afghanit, are referred to as Hard-Kill. However, the increase in…

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Canada could modernize CF-18 Hornets until replacement by new fighters

Like Finland and Switzerland, Canada should very soon choose the new fighter plane that will replace its fleet of F/A-18 Hornets, locally redesignated CF-188 or CF-18A+. If the date for submitting application files has been postponed by a few months due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the 88 new Canadian fighter planes are still expected by 2025, with an end of deliveries in 2035. This schedule, however, means that the current CF-18 Hornets will have to play the extensions at least until 2030, and very probably beyond, the time that the new aircraft are not only received but also fully...

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DARPA is developing combat drones equipped with air-to-air missiles and ... cannons!

We have already spoken about it several times: it is time for the shopping list for the American defense, which publishes its provisional budget for the fiscal year 2021. Beyond the armed forces themselves, the requests for financing ( which remain to be validated by Congress) also concern research and development organizations such as DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency). In its annual request, the DARPA thus requested approximately $35 million to finance research on two aerial armament demonstrator projects, one concerning an air-dropped drone capable of carrying air-to-air missiles and the other concerning a tactical missile carrying a…

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