Lockheed and the US Air Force transform the C130 Hercules into a super-bomber

The elimination of denial-of-access systems, whether Russian or Chinese, has become the obsession of Pentagon planners, as these systems can potentially threaten the optimal use of ...

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A year in advance, the US Air Force selects Raytheon for the future nuclear missile of its heavy bombers

In 2012, due to the disarmament agreements signed between the USA and Russia, the USAF withdrew from service its most modern nuclear missile but also the most complex ...

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U.S. Navy to significantly boost anti-ship strike capabilities

The Pentagon's forecast budget for fiscal year 2021 should continue to garner some inkling for some time. As every year, the Pentagon publishes a document listing ...

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New Poseidon P-8A weapons could make it a bomber

As part of a request for information to the industry published on the new federal online purchasing center, the Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) of the US Navy unveiled a part ...

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The US Navy updates the Tomahawk but plans to drastically reduce its stocks

With the legendary B-52 and the bomber with futuristic B-2 lines, the Tomahawk TLAM cruise missile is undoubtedly the most symbolic device of strike power ...

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The Pentagon wants to increase the stock of cruise missiles JASSM

Lockheed-Martin has launched construction of a new 20.000 m2 plant in Alabama to speed up production of the AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile,…

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US Air Force wants to make GPS ammunition resistant to jamming

The US Air Force has just announced the award of a $ 10m contract to Lockheed-Martin to develop a new GPS seeker for its JASSM missile, for Joint Air-to-surface Standoff Missile, a missile ...

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France, the United Kingdom and the United States hit Syrian chemical infrastructure

All the national and international media relate the strikes by the coalition formed by the United States, France and the United Kingdom against the chemical infrastructures of the Syrian regime identified. So, a hundred ...

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