With a new sale in Morocco, the Boeing AH-64 Apache confirms its status as a world best seller

The case had been going on for almost a year already. In 2019, following the purchase of new F-16s, the Kingdom of Morocco announced its intention to acquire AH-64 Apache combat helicopters ...

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Sikorsky offers its S-70i Armed Black Hawk in the Philippines and tries to revive the market for armed maneuver helicopters

Definitely, the tiny Philippine market stirs all lusts! In a previous article, we indeed saw how the Americans Bell and Boeing positioned themselves with offers radically ...

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General Dynamics presents the first IM-SHORAD for close-to-air protection of US forces

In recent years, American armies have made a specialty of programs launched in emergency to fill an important operational failure. This was the case for the modernization of ...

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Short-Range Anti-Air Defense Requirements Imposed on Western Armies

Following the Ukrainian crisis, the Baltic States appealed to NATO to strengthen their security against the reinforcement of Russian forces on their borders. The main armies of the alliance committed means to provide this protection

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