Electromagnetic guns for the Turkish navy?

Two demonstrators of electromagnetic gun (or railgun in English) were presented by Turkish companies to the 2017 and 2019 editions of IDEF (International DEfence Industry Fair). They can all ...

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Four Frigates of Defense and Intervention for Greece?

Athens and Paris signed the 10 October 2019, a letter of intent for the purchase of two buildings of the program Frigate Defense and Intervention (FDI) during the visit of the Minister ...

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Turkey begins anaerobic propulsion submarine program

Like South Korea, the Turkish authorities have invested considerably in the development of their defense industry for several years, so as to achieve, the most ...

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The Turkish Navy receives its 4eme Corvette Ada

While some countries, such as India, seem to be struggling to validate their gains from technological transfer clauses in their defense equipment import programs, others, on the other hand, seem to excel at the same time.

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A model of the new-generation T-FX fighter program will be presented at Le Bourget

Since taking office, RT Erdogan has set out to restore Turkey's status, which it lost in the First World War, by joining forces with Germany. Outraged…

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