What do we know about the new Russian light fighter?

The announcement of the presentation of a new light fighter model developed by the Russian Rostec at the Moscow MAKS 2021 fair had already had the effect of a small bomb in the small world of world military aeronautics. But the photos showing a device that is visibly well advanced in development even though it is covered in tarpaulins, and the lobby proudly displaying the word "CheckMate" in English, Chess and Mat in French, clearly show that , the Russian aeronautics industry intends to mark the spirits with this device during this show. This is therefore an opportunity to summarize what we already know about…

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Russia to present new light fighter at MAKS 2021

The Russian arms fair MAKS 2021, which will be held from July 20 to 25 near Moscow, will in all likelihood see the appearance of a new Russian combat device which, according to the TASS agency, will be the designated competitor. of the American F35A. The industrial group Rostec, which brings together the Mig and Sukhoi design offices, among others, intends to make an impression on this occasion, particularly on the international scene, even releasing a particularly successful, albeit enigmatic, tease video featuring several potential customers of the company: India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and even Argentina, four countries with which Moscow had…

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Bangladesh launches competition to acquire 16 modern multi-purpose fighters

While the whole of Asia seems to be embarking on a vast movement of rapid rearmament, the authorities of Bangladesh have just announced the launch of a procedure aimed at acquiring, on the 2021/2022 budget, 16 combat aircraft modern multi-purpose vehicles as part of its “Forces Objectives 2030” plan. For this, the country is planning an exceptional line of credit financed directly at the state level, and not impacting the budget of the Ministry of Defense, in the amount of 25 Crore de taka, i.e. €000 billion. , with a provision of 2,42% i.e. Taka 25 Crore / €7500 m from the 600/2021 budget and financing by…

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Russian Rostec would develop a 5th generation single-engine light fighter

The Russian Defense industry has recorded many successes in recent years on the national but above all international scene, with an average of $13,5 billion exported each year over the last 5 years. This allowed it to modernize many of its infrastructures, but also to start development work outside of a national order, even if the Russian state remains the majority and sometimes sole shareholder of most of these companies. Several specific programs have thus been launched, particularly in the field of drones and robotics. But the statements of the president of the Russian technological giant Rostec this Monday during a press conference show…

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From the F16 Viper to the JF-17 Thunder, do light fighters still have a role to play?

If Defense news today gives pride of place to heavy or medium combat aircraft, such as the F35, the Rafale or the Su35, lighter fighters continue to represent a large part of the fighter fleets in the world. Economical to buy and use, these aircraft allow countries without great means to acquire air capabilities and the largest nations to expand their fleets to be able to respond to all requests and scenarios. operational. In this article, we are going to present some of the light fighters in present or future staffing in the air forces, to know some…

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Azerbaijan pays close attention to Russian MIG-35 fighter

Repeated statements by Pakistani authorities about an "imminent" sale of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets to Azerbaijan, but never confirmed by the principal's authorities, were probably somewhat hasty. Indeed, according to the Azerbaijani site Turan, the authorities of the country have started negotiations with Russia with a view to acquiring Mig-35 planes. In addition, the Azerbaijani Air Force is also said to be interested in the Su-35, and national representatives have visited the assembly lines of the two aircraft under the leadership of the Rosoboronexport consortium in the past weeks. Baku's desire to acquire new combat devices is dictated by…

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The couple Su-57 / Okhotnik-B made their first flight

According to the Tass Agency, this Friday, September 27, took place the first flight bringing together a Su-57 aircraft and the prototype of the S-70 Okhotnik-B combat drone. The flight, lasting 30 minutes, took place in automatic mode for the Okhotnik-B according to the Russian authorities, and would have made it possible to test the control of the drone by the Su-57 as well as the cooperation between the two apparatus for, in particular, extending torque detection and engagement capabilities. This cooperation was identified as one of the priority areas of development of the program, a prototype of the PAK-FA program having been modified specifically for this mission. This collaboration is simplified by…

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