Russian Rostec would develop a 5th generation single-engine light fighter

The Russian Defense industry has recorded many successes in recent years on the national and especially international scene, with an average of $ 13,5 billion exported each year to…

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From the F16 Viper to the JF-17 Thunder, do light fighters still have a role to play?

While Defense news today gives pride of place to heavy or medium combat aircraft, such as the F35, Rafale or Su35, lighter fighters continue to represent…

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The couple Su-57 / Okhotnik-B made their first flight

According to Agence Tass, this Friday, September 27, the first flight took place bringing together a Su-57 aircraft and the prototype of the S-70 Okhotnik-B combat drone. The flight, lasting ...

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S-400 talks advance in Saudi Arabia

Following the Saudi King's visit to Moscow in March 2017, Saudi Arabia announced the ordering of several Russian weapon systems, including the Kornet anti-tank missile. The two countries also began negotiations on the possible order of the S-400 anti-aircraft defense system in the kingdom.

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