Chinese GAIC FTC-2000G attack plane finds first customer in Southeast Asia

The information was released by the Chinese press and confirmed by representatives of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation) and the Chinese Ministry of Defense: the FTC-2000G combat aircraft…

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Indian light fighter Tejas should finally be fully operational this year

It was time ! The Indian light fighter Tejas Mark 1 made its first flight yesterday in a fully operational configuration, or FOC (for Final Operational Clearance). Launched in…

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Removal of Mig27 service in India could benefit Rafale

It's official, the Indian Air Force will withdraw from service its squadrons that were still implementing the Mig27 attack aircraft acquired in the 80 years. This withdrawal, although planned ...

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Early withdrawal of the Jaguars, no second order from Rafale, the Indian Air Force clarifies its acquisition strategy

A few days after taking office, Air Marshal Bhadauria, Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force, has clarified the acquisition strategy of the Indian Air ...

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Can India withdraw from service its MIG21 and MIG27 by 2024?

Unsurprisingly, the clash between 8 Indian devices and 24 Pakistani devices that led to the destruction of a Pakistani F-16 and an Indian Mig21 brings with it many political and media consequences in ...

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