Croatia would have selected the Rafale to replace its Mig-21

According to the Croatian site, which is none other than the most important title of the country's leading press group, the Zagreb authorities have selected the French offer of 12 second-hand Rafales to modernize its air force and replace its Mig-21s acquired from Russia shortly after independence. The cost of the operation, including the 12 aircraft, ammunition and training, would represent an envelope of slightly less than €1 billion. The first 6 aircraft, which will be taken from aircraft in service within the Air and Space Force, could be delivered as early as 2024 if the final contract manages to be signed before...

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Gripen, F16V and Rafale selected to replace Croatian Mig-21s

The Croatian Ministry of Defense will soon send a delegation to Sweden, the United States and France, as part of the request for information for the replacement of its MIG 21 still in service within its armed forces. The role of the delegation will be to determine which will be the best candidate for the JAS Gripen C/D from the Swedish manufacturer Saab, the F16 Block 70 Viper from Lockheed-Martin and the second-hand Rafale F3, taken from French Army aircraft. French Air, like the agreement concluded with Greece a few days ago. Israel and its F16 Block 30+ initially proposed do not seem…

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Chinese GAIC FTC-2000G attack plane finds first customer in Southeast Asia

The information was revealed by the Chinese press and confirmed by representatives of GAIC (Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation) and the Chinese Ministry of Defense: the FTC-2000G combat aircraft has found a first export customer less than a year and a half after its first flight. The contract was reportedly signed in January, and covers an unknown number of devices. Moreover, the identity of the launch customer for this small two-seater fighter also remains secret for the moment, even if Burma appears at the top of the predictions. According to the information disclosed, we only know that the client is located in Southeast Asia, and that…

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Indian light fighter Tejas should finally be fully operational this year

It was time ! India's Tejas Mark 1 light fighter made its maiden flight yesterday in a fully operational, or FOC (Final Operational Clearance) configuration. Launched in the 1980s, the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program was to create a light, versatile and economical combat aircraft to quickly replace the Indian Air Force's aging MiG-21s. More than 35 years later, the LCA Tejas is still very far from keeping its promises. Blame it on the chaotic development and poor management of the program by the national aircraft manufacturer HAL, which cannot keep up with the planned rates or the…

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Vietnam acquires 12 Yak-130 trainers from Moscow

Since the withdrawal from service of its Mig 21 in 2015, the Vietnamese People's Army has been looking for a new aircraft to modernize its air force. In addition to the Mig 21s, the new aircraft will also have to replace the thirty or so Su-22 fighter-bombers still in service. Hanoi seems to be interested in several devices, including the American F16, the European Typhoon, the Swedish Gripen E and the French Rafale. But it seems that Russia has taken a certain lead in this competition with the new order placed by the Vietnamese authorities with the Russian defense industry, relating to 12 Yak-130 advanced training aircraft. Designed to replace…

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Can India withdraw from service its MIG21 and MIG27 by 2024?

Unsurprisingly, the clash between 8 Indian aircraft and 24 Pakistani aircraft that resulted in the destruction of a Pakistani F-16 and an Indian Mig21 has many political and media consequences in both countries. But if Pakistan has a relatively coherent and controlled equipment acquisition policy, ordered by an increasingly close collaboration with China, the same cannot be said of India's equipment policy, particularly in terms of combat aircraft. It must be said that between the reversals of position, the extended deadlines, the extremely arbitrary decisions, and the hyper-politicization of defense contracts, Indian policy in the field appears...

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Rafale gains popularity in India following loss of MIG21

While New Dehli and Islamabad are showing clear voluntarism in defusing the crisis that led to the loss of a Pakistani F-16 and an Indian MIG21, the results of this commitment, and in particular the loss of the MIG21, have highlight the dangers of the extreme obsolescence of much of the IAF air fleet. As a fine political tactician, President Moodi took the opportunity to try to put an end to the instrumentalization of the Rafale contract for political purposes, by declaring that if India had been able to send Rafales instead of Mig21s, the result would have been another, leading to a real popular enthusiasm for the device…

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