The United Arab Emirates turns to the MICA VL NG missile for its Gowind 2500 corvettes

In November 2017, the United Arab Emirates confirmed the order for two Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French military shipbuilder Naval Group. If many of the equipment selected by Abu Dhabi were of French origin, the anti-aircraft defense was then entrusted to the American couple formed by the vertical launch system VLS Mk41 and the anti-aircraft missile ESSM Block 2, the new version of the heir to the Sea Sparrow. But according to the Naval News site, the Emirati authorities have changed their posture, to turn to the French MICA VL NG missile from the MBDA missile, a new version of the MICA VL surface-to-air missile itself derived from the very…

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FDI Belh @ rra remains the most effective choice for Greece

The competition is raging in Athens as the Greek authorities announced that they would decide on the winner of the competition for the acquisition of 2+2 new frigates before the end of the summer. A few days ago, London announced that it was ready to give up 2 of its Type 23 frigates for free if Athens compromised in favor of Babcock's Arrowhead 140 model, while Fincantieri presented its offer on the basis of the FREMM Bergamini accompanied by two Maestrale class frigates, and that the Netherlands offered their two Karel Doorman class frigates alongside the Sigma 11515 HN…

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Naval Group FDI Belharra handicapped by VLS Sylver in Greece

The renewal of the fleet of Greek frigates is today one of the main and most important contracts being awarded on the European and international scene concerning surface combatants. With an objective of acquiring 4 ships, the modernization of its 4 Meko 200 HN and the desire to acquire or lease 2 frigates in a very short time to meet the immediate security challenges in the Aegean Sea, Athens is attracting the greed of builders Europeans and Americans. In this competition, the FDI Belharra of Naval Group had until recently a head start on its competitors, since Paris and Athens had signed…

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These 5 capabilities that make the FDI Belh @ rra frigates indispensable in Greece

If the file around the order of 18 Rafale planes by Greece was negotiated in just a few weeks, the one surrounding the possible transfer of French frigates to the Hellenic Navy has been dragging on for more than a decade. The progress recorded at the beginning of the year around the acquisition of the 2 FDI Belh@rra frigates from Naval Group, in a standard identical to those ordered by the French Navy, were swept away during the summer by negotiations, it seems. it risky on the French side, having led Greece to consider other options, such as ordering new, less expensive frigates from the Netherlands or Germany. Without going into detail…

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Towards a replacement of the Crotale-NG missiles in the French Air Force?

In a previous article, we returned to the declarations of General Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the Army of the National Assembly, on May 6th. In the context of the current health and economic crisis, the French armies will be mobilized to participate in the economic recovery of the country. For the Air Force, this will mainly involve ordering new utility helicopters and accelerating deliveries of combat aircraft and transport and refueling aircraft. Nevertheless, General Lavigne also mentioned the possibility of modernizing certain other Air Force equipment. The short-range surface-to-air defense (SHORAD) systems of…

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Thales and MBDA chosen to modernize the Indonesian light frigate KRI Usman-Harun

With a defense budget having increased by 16% in 2020, the Indonesian armies have increased resources to modernize their equipment, in the context of growing tensions with China under the guise of territorial claims in the South China Sea. In addition to the air forces negotiating to acquire new combat aircraft, the Indonesian Navy is also accelerating its modernization schedule for its buildings. In this case, the Indonesian authorities announced this week that they had selected the company Thales and the European missile manufacturer MBDA to modernize the light frigate KRI Usman-Harun, one of the three units of the Bung-Tomo class. The modernization of the other two frigates, the…

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