Towards a replacement of the Crotale-NG missiles in the French Air Force?

In a previous article, we returned to the declarations of General Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the Army of the National Assembly, on May 6. In the context of the crisis…

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Thales and MBDA chosen to modernize the Indonesian light frigate KRI Usman-Harun

With a defense budget having increased by 16% in 2020, the Indonesian armies have increased resources to modernize their equipment, in a context of growing tensions with China…

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European Patrol Corvette: Greece in permanent structured cooperation?

The Franco-Italian project European Patrol Corvette has been endorsed by the European Council 12 November 2019 and is therefore part of the third wave of Permanent Structured Cooperation (CSP or CSP).

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Greek FDI: how to meet a potential demand for additional anti-aircraft missiles?

The signing on October 10 of a letter of intent between Athens and Paris for the acquisition of two frigates FDI (Frigate Defense and Intervention), most likely the construction of two ...

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CAMM goes into service in the Royal Navy and soon in the British Army

British forces now use the Sea-Wolf short-range air defense system for the protection of its ships, and the Rapiers for the protection of its land forces. Contemporary French rattlesnake, these two systems were already in service during the Malvinas war, where they met real success

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Naval Group teams up with SNC in Romania to bid on 4 Corvettes

Naval Group has announced the signing of an alliance with Romanian shipyards SNC, for the construction of corvettes Gowind2500. As part of the modernization of its armed forces, Romania launched in March 2018 a consultation for the construction of 4 multifunctional corvettes, to be built in Romania

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