France pulls out all the stops to convince Greece to choose the Frigate Belharra

Following the example of what it did for the contract for the acquisition of 18 Rafale aircraft, of which 6 second-hand aircraft were offered to Greece, France has now ...

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Is the Mediterranean again an area of ​​concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when one thinks of geographic areas under stress where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or ...

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The United States returns to the attack to sell frigates to Greece

Decidedly, the United States seems determined to keep Athens in its nets when it comes to defense equipment. Indeed, according to the Defense News site, the US authorities have once again ...

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Is the attitude of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean a threat to Europe and NATO?

For over a year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has been providing massive support to the GNA, the Libyan national unity government which militarily opposes the National Liberation Army of…

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Aircraft exchanges between the Charles De Gaulle and the USS Eisenhower strengthen the interoperability of the French and American navies

Clearly, with the Foch mission, the French Aviation Group (GAN) is not idle. Having left Toulon on January 22 with its escort, the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle participated ...

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Four Defense and Intervention Frigates for Greece?

Athens and Paris signed, on October 10, 2019, a letter of intent to purchase two buildings from the Defense and Intervention Frigate (FDI) program during the minister's visit ...

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