Is the attitude of the Turkish navy in the Mediterranean a threat to Europe and to NATO?

For more than a year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey has been providing massive support to the GNA, the government of Libyan national unity which militarily opposes the National Liberation Army of…

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Aircraft exchanges between Charles De Gaulle and the USS Eisenhower strengthen the interoperability of French and American navies

Certainly, with the Foch mission, the French Aéronaval Group (GAN) is not idle. Leaving Toulon on January 22 with his escort, the nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle participated…

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Four Frigates of Defense and Intervention for Greece?

Athens and Paris signed the 10 October 2019, a letter of intent for the purchase of two buildings of the program Frigate Defense and Intervention (FDI) during the visit of the Minister ...

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