Japan to build 2 additional Aegis destroyers for missile defense

At a press conference on Wednesday, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi announced that the government had come out in favor of building two…

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Anti-missile defense: Japan cancels purchase of two Aegis Ashore systems

In December 2017, Japan approved the construction of two Aegis Ashore anti-missile defense sites to counter the North Korean but also Chinese ballistic threat. Particularly strategic for ...

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Commissioning of the Aegis Ashore anti-missile system in Poland again delayed by two years

The entry into operational service of the NATO anti-ballistic missile defense site in Poland was once again delayed by two years. Initially scheduled for 2018, then for…

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Japanese Missile Defense failed to detect North Korean missile tests

According to the Defenseworld.net site, the Japanese Missile Defense, made up of radar systems on the Japanese coast and Aegis systems equipping Kongo and derivative class destroyers, have ...

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Launch of the destroyer Haguro: the Japanese Navy continues its massive reinforcement

The destroyer “Haguro”, second unit of the Maya class, was launched on July 17 by the JMU (Japan Maritime United) shipyards, near the city of Yokohama.…

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