The Franco-German CIFS Artillery Program could be postponed

When he came to power, Emmanuel Macron launched 4 major cooperation programs between France and Germany in terms of defense equipment, with the objective of giving birth to ...

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German Orion P-3C withdrawal: a threat to the Franco-German MAWS program

As we learn from Naval News, always extremely well informed on naval issues, the German Defense Ministry has just announced that it is ending the modernization program for the eight ...

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Franco-German military projects: between advances and blockages

For more than ten years, France has sought a lasting European partner for its military collaboration projects, both operational and industrial. It started in 2010 with the Accords…

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Will visual observation capabilities really be at the heart of the future maritime patrol aircraft?

In 2018, France and Germany signed a letter of intent for cooperation aiming at the development of a new maritime patrol aircraft (PATMAR) to replace the current planes on the horizon ...

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Russia chooses Tu-204 as future maritime patrol aircraft

Maritime patrol is a field that is relatively unknown to the public. Most often dependent on naval air forces, it is made up of long-range aircraft, equipped to detect, monitor, etc.

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Franco-German military cooperation: Can we make a difference between the two countries?

Two articles published today by the economic site highlight the difficulties encountered by Franco-German defense cooperation. In Anne Bauer's first article, he is before ...

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SCAF, MGCS, EuroMale ... Franco-German defense cooperation could be structurally unstable

Since the election of President Macron, industrial cooperation in defense with Germany has become a more than priority axis of French defense industrial policy. So, in ...

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