While not yet fully operational, Belgian NH90 TTH helicopters could be withdrawn from service

Of all the countries of Western Europe, Belgium is undoubtedly one of those which has suffered the most from the staff reductions linked to the "Dividends of Peace". If ...

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As the Eurodrone stagnates, the US Air Force prepares the successor to the famous MQ-9 Reaper

In March, the head of acquisitions of the US Air Force, Will Roper, had announced before the US Congress that the USAF wanted to stop the production of MQ-9 Reaper drones at…

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Is there someone to save the Eurodrone?

During an interview given by the Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, on the radio of France Inter radio about the French intervention in Mali and in…

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Acquisition of the MQ-9 SkyGuardian system by Australia: pursuit of the American “pivot” strategy or affirmation of the country's regional aims?

Since 2016 Australia has been pursuing the most pro-active rearmament policy in Western countries. Regarded as the permanent US "aircraft carrier" of the South Pacific, Australia seems to want to pursue a policy of empowerment ...

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Is Eurodrone really more expensive than the General Atomics MQ-9B Skyguardian?

We may well be heading for an economic nonsense of which only Europeans have the secret. Indeed, according to the article by journalist Vincent Lamigeon, very well…

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