The SCAF program breaks the rut, without solving the fundamental problems

After several weeks of psychodrama against a background of growing tensions between German industrial demands deemed excessive by France, and positions deemed authoritarian by French industry according to Germany, the Future Air Combat System program, or SCAF, which brings together France, Germany and Spain, has apparently emerged from the rut in which it had been engaged for months, thanks in particular to the intervention of the French Senate and its Defense and Affairs Committee foreign. In a session that was akin to couple psychotherapy, the French and German industrialists were able to clearly express their expectations, grievances and concerns, allowing the parties to…

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With the F4 standard, the Rafale becomes a new generation digital combat aircraft!

Entering service in the early 2000s, first in the French Navy and then in the Air Force, the Rafale is today the spearhead of the French air force, and it will remain so for several decades. several dozen devices still to be delivered, not to mention the additional orders to come. This longevity, the Rafale will owe it on the one hand to the end of the Cold War, which stopped the usual rate of renewal of combat aircraft, but also and above all to its very design, which allows it to be updated. regularly, incrementally, without major structural modification. Since a year,…

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The first contract of the SCAF program was signed

It therefore took less than 2 years to go from the idea to the signature of the first industrial study contract for what turned out to be the most ambitious European defense industrial program in history. It was on the occasion of the inauguration of the new research center of the French engine manufacturer Safran in Gennevillier that the Minister for the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, and her German counterpart, Ursula von der Leyen, signed the first industrial collaboration agreement concerning the SCAF program, relating to the motorization of the system, entrusted to the French company Safran and the German company MTU. Industrial sharing for the development of this next generation of engines already seems…

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