OMFV program to replace US Army M2 Bradleys back on track

Among all the branches of the US Army's BIG 6 super-program, intended to give the US Army the necessary means to impose itself during the wars to come, the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle program, or OMFV, is probably the most urgent, and in a sense, the most critical, since it is to replace the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. This armored vehicle, one of the 5 programs of the BIG 5 super-program launched in the 70s, entered service in 1981, and has now reached the canonical age of 39 years. But it's not so much her age as her plumpness inherited from almost 40 years of modernization...

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What successor for the M2 Bradley?

The US Army has entered into a large-scale capability renewal process. Very focused for more than two decades on the conduct of stabilization and counter-insurgency operations, the Ukrainian crisis associated with the constant reinforcement of Russian and Chinese military capacities have highlighted the shortcomings of the US Army in terms of its capabilities. doctrinal, material and logistical skills to successfully conduct major air-land combat operations against an equivalent adversary. The informed observer will thus probably be aware of the many debates that have been agitating the American military establishment for several years on the extent of the organizational and capability transformations to be carried out in order to…

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Is technologism the worst enemy of military efficiency?

Over the past 20 years, the US Army has spent more than $30 billion on programs that did not result in the production of operational equipment, in particular with the Comanche light attack and reconnaissance helicopter program , the Futur Combat system light armor renewal program, and the Bradleys Ground Combat Vehicle replacement program. While today it launched a vast modernization programme, made up of 6 branches ranging from the replacement of reconnaissance and maneuver helicopters, to the next generation of armored vehicles, including the infovaluation of the battlefield and the next generation of artillery equipment, the GAO (Government Accountability…

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