US Army M109 ERCA self-propelled gun to enter service in 2023

The ERCA program, for Extended Range Cannon Artillery, is today considered to be one of the highest priorities for the US Army, as its self-propelled artillery capacities are set back from…

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US Army orders new batch of 155mm Franco-Swedish BONUS shells

It is through BAe, parent company of the Swedish company Bofors, that the US Army announced the order of a new batch of BONUS artillery shells to equip self-propelled guns ...

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The Strategic Strike Canon Artillery in the Long Range Precision Fires Program

The Field Artillery Branch or the artillery weapon of the US Army has the will to develop and implement an artillery gun with a range of 1000 miles, or 1609 ...

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Russian self-propelled artillery will perform remarkably well

If there is one area in which industry, like land forces, excels, it is artillery, and more specifically self-propelled artillery. Thus, if today the Russian forces have 4 times more heavy tanks than their European counterparts ...

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