Beijing reportedly tested hypersonic fractional orbital bombardment system

An article by Demetri Sevastopulo and Kathrin Hille published this weekend on the Financial Times website has the Western defense community in turmoil. We learned there, in fact, that according to the information gathered by the two journalists, China would have proceeded, during the month of August of this year, to the test of a new hypersonic strategic weapon system likely to thwart the set of detection systems and Western, and more specifically American, anti-missile defense using a Fractionated Orbital Bombardment System, or FOBS according to the English acronym. Indeed, it would seem that such a system was put into orbit on the occasion of the 77th…

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China maintains its space effort in 2019

2018 was an exceptional year for the Chinese space sector. With 38 successful launches, and 50 satellites positioned, the country indeed takes first place in the United States (34 launches). Among the 50 satellites positioned this year, at least a dozen were military-oriented, although the "military satellite" nation does not exist in China's space communication. 2019 will also be a prosperous year, with 30 launches planned, including 7 intended to complete the galaxy of Beidou geolocation satellites. In addition, launches of the Long March 5 heavy rocket are scheduled to resume from July 2019, after the failed…

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