Aircraft carriers, anti-missile systems, combat aircraft: Seoul reveals its ambitions for the coming decade

Unlike the Europeans, South Korea has never neglected its investments in Defense, including during the period following the collapse of the Soviet bloc and which was ...

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South Korea opts for F35B and confirms naval air ambitions

While some countries are wondering about the interest of aircraft carriers in a modern conflict, especially in the United States and France, several countries are making significant efforts to acquire such a ...

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Aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, arsenal ships, the South Korean Navy has great ambitions

The South Korean Navy has been engaged, for the last twenty years, in a profound mutation aiming at acquiring high sea and projection capabilities, concomitantly with the ...

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The modernization of the South Korean High Seas Navy

The Republic of South Korea has undertaken, for several years, an in-depth modernization of its defense tool, based in particular on the rapid development of its own industry ...

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After Japan, South Korea wants to ship F35B on its LHD

The F-35 is an eminently criticizable program, in both form and execution. However, if there is a version of the Lockheed aircraft that justifies its existence, it is the short takeoff or landing version, the F-35B.

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