Sweden re-activates naval bunkers against Russian threat

The strengthening of Russian military capabilities is taken very seriously by the Swedish authorities, as is the case, for that matter, for the majority of Scandinavian countries or bordering the sea ...

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KNDS and Rheinmetall chosen by the Hungarian army

The Hungarian Armed Forces have just ordered for 44 Leopard 2A7 + 24 battle tanks and 155 2000 XNUMX self-propelled armored trackbarrels, making Hungary ...

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KNDS presents the E-MBT battle tank at EuroSatory

KNDS, the Franco-German company resulting from the Nexter-Kraff-Maffei Wegman merger, created the event at the EuroSatory show by presenting the E-MBT (European Main Battle Tank), a hybrid tank resulting from the marriage of a Leopard 2 and a Leclerc

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Turkey starts manufacturing its new generation tank Altay

The Undersecretariat for the Turkish Defense Industry, the equivalent of the French DGA, announced that the contract for mass production of the new indigenous heavy tank, the Altay, had been awarded to BMC, jointly owned by a Qatari fund and Turkish private investors

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