Poland to order 32 AW149 helicopters from Italian Leonardo

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced after a meeting with President Duda and the Polish General Staff that Warsaw would order 32 AW149 medium helicopters from the Italian Leonardo, in 3 versions which will be assembled on site by the PZL Świdnik factory owned by the Italian aircraft manufacturer. Defense is obviously THE political ISSUE of the moment in Poland. Indeed, announcements concerning new programs or new investments have been multiplying at an almost daily rate for a few weeks, while Warsaw intends to make an unprecedented effort to modernize its armed forces, by increasing its defense effort at…

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Typhoon, FREMM, M-346: Italy would be close to signing a €12bn super-contract in Egypt

After several years of negotiations, Cairo would be close to concretizing the largest defense contract in its history, by ordering from Rome 24 Typhoon fighter planes, 4 FREMM frigates, 20 armed patrol boats, 20 M-346 training planes and a observation satellite, for an amount exceeding €12 billion. In the spring of 2020, Italy managed to take a predominant negotiating position in Egypt on the arms contract, on the ruins left by Paris after Emmanuel Macron, during an official visit to the Egyptian capital, questioning human rights issues in the country. Rome was on the…

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UK Tempest and Japanese FX programs are getting even closer

The British government of Boris Johnson is particularly active on defense issues and in the field of international industrial cooperation. Whether it is the AUKUS alliance with possible cooperation with Australia in the field of nuclear submarines, the opening of the Tempest program to certain European partners, or the rapprochement with the American program Futur Vertical Lift , Great Britain has multiplied the announcements in recent months, with some success it must be recognized. And one of the greatest successes today is based on the rapprochement in London and Tokyo around the FX program for the next generation Japanese fighter, with the signing of a cooperation protocol, end…

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What consequences for France if the SCAF and Tempest programs merged?

After his German counterpart Lt General Ingo Gerhartz, it is the turn of General Luca Goretti, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, to declare that, according to him, the European programs of 6th generation combat aircraft SCAF (for Future Combat Air System) which brings together Germany, Spain and France, and FCAS (for Future Combat Air System, the same acronym) which brings together Great Britain, Italy and Sweden , will be expected to merge in the more or less near future. According to the Italian general officer, given the industrial and budgetary issues, and the proximity of programs, industrial players and countries,…

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Paris and London relaunch their cooperation in the field of tactical missiles

Franco-British cooperation in terms of the development of military systems has often been difficult, and punctuated by bitter failures, as was the case, for example, of the aircraft carrier project between the two countries. But when it succeeds, it often gives very high quality equipment. This was the case in the field of helicopters with the Gazelle and the Puma, in the field of combat aircraft with the Jaguar, and more recently, in the field of artillery guns with the 40mm telescoped ammunition system. But the favorite field of this cooperation has for several decades been missiles…

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The Tempest program would be at risk according to the British public expertise authority

Since its official announcement in July 2018, the British Future Combat Air System program piloted by BAe, and its new generation Tempest fighter, have been a symbol of the strategic autonomy regained for London following the 2016 referendum which will give rise to Brexit. Nearly 50 years after the Harrier, Great Britain announced that it was undertaking the design and independent construction of a new combat aircraft intended to replace the Typhoon designed and built in cooperation with Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. 'Spain. And if Italy and then Sweden quickly declared their interest in this program, it was indeed British public finances...

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Indonesia formalizes an order for 6 FREMM frigates from Fincantieri

After the United States and Egypt, the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri achieves a new feat by signing an "Initial Contract" for the acquisition of 6 new FREMM frigates, as well as the transfer of two second-hand frigates from the Maestrale class which are soon to be retired from Italian Navy service. This is a dramatic new announcement from Jakarta within days as an equivalent contract was signed with Dassault Aviation for the acquisition of 36 Rafale fighter jets, simultaneously marking a remarkable effort by Jakarta to strengthen its naval air defense capabilities, as well as a renewed interest in equipment from…

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US Army sends first Stryker M-SHORAD close air defense to Germany

5 years. This is the time it took between the urgent call made by the American central command in Europe, the US European Command, for a mobile anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system, and the delivery of the first Stryker M-SHORAD vehicles to the 5th Battalion of the 4th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment of the 10th US Army, based in Ansbach in Bavaria. By the summer of 2021, the battalion will have received the 32 M-SHORADs which will constitute its inventory, giving back to the American mechanized forces deployed in Germany a self-defense capacity in this area largely eroded since the withdrawal of the antediluvian Chaparral systems and of the few Franco-German Roland 2s acquired by the United States…

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Airbus wants to join forces with Leonardo to deal with new generation American helicopters

The US Army Future Vertical Lift program, one of the components of the BIG-6 super-program, will undoubtedly profoundly change the technological characteristics of helicopters in the decades to come, and above all the expected performance, as well in terms of speed than distance covered or carrying capacity. For the time being, FVL consists of the Futur Long Range Assault Aircraft, or FLRAA, program intended to replace the H-60 ​​Black Hawks, as well as the Futur Attack and Reconnaissance Aircraft, or FARA, program to re-capitalize the component of attack and reconnaissance that the US Army lost with the withdrawal of the OH-58 Kiowa. And whether it's the...

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