After the Freedoms, the US Navy's Independence LCS are facing major failures

The more time passes, the more the US Navy's Littoral Combat Ship program, supposed to prefigure developments in littoral naval combat, seems to join the long list of technological and operational impasses which the Pentagon has made a specialty of over the past 30 years. . After having, in 2014, abandoned the principle of combat module which was to allow the two Freedom and Independence classes constituting the program to have advanced operational flexibility by equipping themselves, according to needs, with anti-ship warfare capabilities, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence and electronic warfare or mine warfare, the staff of the US navy has never ceased to…

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The US Navy wants to quickly arm and specialize its Littoral Combat Ship

At the end of the 90s, two officers of the US Navy, Vice-Admiral Art Cebrowski and Commander Wayne Hughes, developed the concept of "Streetfighter", a light combat ship (1000 tons), well armed, maneuverable and economical. (less than $100m per unit), to advantageously replace part of the OH Perry frigate fleet and even certain destroyers in the inventory of the US fleet. These ships compensated for their low tonnage by their number, and should make it possible to meet the deployment needs of the US Navy, particularly in low and medium intensity zones. This concept quickly evolved into the definition of a new type of ship, the Littorals…

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US Navy recognizes design flaw in Freedom-class LCS

When the first Littoral Combat Ship, the USS Freedom, entered service, the US Navy was full of praise for its new technological nugget. The coastal multi-purpose warship program, which is based on two distinct Freedom and Independence classes, was to constitute a revolution in the field of modern naval combat. Highly automated, the LCS notably incorporated a modular structure allowing the ship to embark, in the form of containers, various tactical modules, whether to implement commando units, to carry out mine warfare actions, or to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations. In addition, class corvettes…

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