Faced with General Lecointre, French deputies are worried about the format of the Armies

The hearings of the Chiefs of Staff of the French armies by the committees of the National Assembly and the Senate are often the occasion to glean certain information on the programs in progress. But…

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Why is the French Air Force seriously under-capable?

The upcoming signing of the contract for the sale of 18 Rafale aircraft to Greece is undoubtedly excellent news for the French defense industry and for advancing design…

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Without naming it, are the French Chiefs of Staff pleading for a new White Paper?

In a speech given to the cadets of the Navy at the Naval School of Lanveoc-Poulmic, near Brest, the new Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral Pierre Vandier, ...

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Can we still rely on nuclear deterrence?

On November 5, 1956, a Franco-British expeditionary force landed in Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal recently nationalized by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, in an operation ...

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President E. Macron lays the foundations for a renewed French defense strategy

The speech delivered this morning by French President Emmanuel Macron to the interns of the School of War, was expected by the national Defense community, but also European. And the…

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The sincerity of Strategic Reviews questioned by the British Chief of Staff

General Nick Carter, Chief of Staff of the British Armies, called for more sincerity in the design of documents serving as a basis for political action in the field of Defense,…

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The format of the French Armies is too weak according to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces

The format of the French armies results, today, from two master documents, namely the White Paper of 2013, ordered by President Hollande after his election and published in 2014, ...

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Is the 2018-2025 Military Programming Law already obsolete?

This week, exercise Trident Juncture, bringing together 45.000 troops, is being held in Norway, the largest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War. It follows the exercise Vostok2018,…

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