Franco-British ANL / Sea Venom anti-ship missile ready for service

On November 17, the Directorate General of Armament carried out, on the test site of the Ile du Levant in the Var, the final test of the Anti-Ship Leger missile, or ANL, ...

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These 5 capabilities that make the FDI Belh @ rra frigates indispensable in Greece

If the file around the order of 18 Rafale planes by Greece was negotiated in just a few weeks, the one surrounding the possible sale of French frigates to…

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British armies ready to dispense with Challenger 2 tanks to specialize in support

It has been several years since the fate of some 227 Challenger 2 heavy tanks, of which 160 are in service, and the armies' 388 Infantry Warrior combat vehicles ...

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UK to finance FCAS project alone

According to a statement from the British Ministry of Defense, BAe has been notified of a contract to continue the development of the Future Combat Air System, or FCAS. There is no mention in this communiqué of any collaboration with the French industries, while the project was initially to be the hub of Franco-British cooperation.

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The fate of the Franco-British combat drone seems compromised

In her interview with the weekly "Le Point", the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, announced that the British had changed their position concerning the stealth drone project which was to…

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Britain is getting closer to Europe of Defense

While for four decades Britain has opposed within the European Union to all Defense initiatives, which it considered redundant and useless vis-à-vis NATO, the government of Theresa May announced that he supports the French initiative to maintain close industrial and military ties with the United Kingdom following Brexit.

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Resumption of the Franco-British combat drone program FCAS

The United Kingdom's Under-Secretary of State for Defense, Guto Bebb, has announced the resumption of work aimed at designing and manufacturing a stealth combat drone by 2030. The project…

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