Russian infantry fighting tanks soon to be equipped with a 57 mm cannon?

The new generation of Russian armored infantry fighting vehicles will enter service between 2020 and 2021. It consists of 3 armored vehicles: The T15 armada tracked 55…

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New-generation Russian armored vehicles enter service with 2020

At the end of the war in Afghanistan, the first Gulf War, and the Chechen war, the Russian tanks had lost much of their prestige on the scene ...

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The 10 defense programs developed around the world that are lacking in France

With the signing of the first tranche of the SCAF program, the entry into service of the 6eme FREMM Normadie, the launch of the Suffren or the delivery of the first Griffon, it is ...

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What successor for the M2 Bradley?

The US Army has entered a large-scale capability renewal process. Very focused for more than two decades on the conduct of stabilization operations and ...

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Some details on the ground equipment presented during the parade of 9 Mai 2018

As every year, the celebrations of the end of the Second World War gave rise to a great military parade in the Red Square, in the presence of President Putin.
This year several vehicles were presented for the first time

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