KNDS EMBT tank will be much more than an industrial demonstrator

The E-MBT tank of the Franco-German company KNDS caused a sensation at EuroSatory 2018, proudly enthroned at the heart of the exhibition as the symbol of Franco-German cooperation in ...

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Is France sacrificing part of its Defense Industry on the altar of cooperation with Germany?

It's official, the KNDS company, which brings together the French Nexter and the German Krauss-Maffei Wegman, and which was until now managed by a two-headed structure made up of Nexter CEO Stephan Mayer ...

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Does the MGCS tank program respond to Franco-German operational and industrial challenges?

When he arrived at the Elysee Palace after his victory in the 2017 presidential elections, French President Emmanuel Macron quickly undertook to launch a series of major programs with Berlin ...

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Franco-German military projects: between advances and blockages

For more than ten years, France has sought a lasting European partner for its military collaboration projects, both operational and industrial. It started in 2010 with the Accords…

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President Macron opens the door to Polish participation in the Franco-German MGCS tank program

Traveling to Poland this February 4, E. Macron seems ready to begin a diplomatic and political rapprochement with Poland, even though Paris and Warsaw are somewhat ...

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KNDS and Rheinmetall chosen by the Hungarian army

The Hungarian armed forces have just placed an order for 44 Leopard 2A7 + battle tanks and 24 155 mm Pzh 2000 tracked armored self-propelled guns, making Hungary…

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Danger for Franco-German industrial cooperation: the Bundestag on the offensive

Object of virulent criticism across the Rhine, the Franco-German industrial division around the battle tank of the future - the Main Ground Combat Vehicle (MGCS) - is called into question by ...

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The French State refuses to hand over the majority of KNDS to Rheinmettal

During an eventful hearing by the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, in particular because of the very controversial and approximate biases of certain parliamentarians on the subject of French arms exports to ...

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