Taiwan: When and how will China go on the offensive?

For several years, the tensions between Washington and Beijing around the Taiwanese question have continued to grow, to now become a subject constantly flirting with the casus belli, between the incursions of the navy and the American and allied air forces at sea. of South China and in the Taiwan Strait, the interceptions and the naval and air incursions of the People's Liberation Army around the island, and the successive and reciprocal responses as soon as Washington sends a new load of armaments, parliamentarians or members of the government in Taipei. The belligerent dynamic is such that from now on, the armed forces…

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China's new on-board stealth fighter takes its first flight

The Chinese industrial and technological machine now seems to have reached its optimum pace, as the announcements and discoveries have followed one another at a frantic pace for several months. Just a few days after the new two-seat variant of the 5th generation J-20 fighter was observed during test taxis, and a test of a split orbital bombardment system sent the American defense community into a frenzy, now a photo showing the first flight of the new on-board stealth fighter of the People's Liberation Army Naval Forces has been broadcast on Chinese social networks, removing any ambiguity about the progress of the program. The…

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China's new on-board fighter will be unveiled before the end of 2021

The Naval Forces of the People's Liberation Army have experienced a meteoric rise over the past 20 years, going from a technologically very backward navy specialized in the defense of a restricted naval perimeter around the country, to a high-level military power. capable, in many aspects, of competing with the best navies in the world. Today, it aligns 10 heavy assault ships with a flight deck, including two Type 075 LHDs comparable to the US Navy's America-class LHAs, around thirty Type 052 destroyers and Type 055 heavy destroyers, as many frigates anti-submarine warfare Type 054A, sixty coastal anti-submarine warfare corvettes…

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What will be the capabilities of the future Chinese Type 003 aircraft carrier?

It has now been a year since the first blocks of China's future Type 003 aircraft carrier were moved from their assembly area to the dry dock at Jiangnan Shipyards in Shanghai, and the new ship is now taking shape as observations by Chinese spotters, especially when they take a commercial flight passing over these industrial facilities. Thus, last week, pictures showed that the ship had received its island, and that the entire hull had been finalized, allowing to have a more precise idea of ​​what this ship will be, of its operational capacities...

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New Chinese combat planes and helicopters to be unveiled soon?

As we know, the Chinese military aeronautical industry is very discreet about its development programs, and the information concerning the development of new aircraft is most often fragmented, and largely subject to interpretation. It is thus that we still do not know if and when the electronic warfare versions of the J-15 and J-16 fighter bombers, designated respectively J-15D and J-16D, and intended to be the equivalent of the EA-18G Growler American, will be declared operational and will join the squadrons of the Chinese air and naval forces. Likewise, while many factors seem to indicate that the 5th generation FC-31 fighter, in its modified version, will be the next carrier-based fighter to…

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The hypothesis of a Chinese J-35 naval fighter derived from the FC-31 becomes clearer

Just a year ago, the Chinese authorities had hinted that their future aircraft carriers equipped with catapults would implement a naval version of the J-20 fighter which equips the country's air force. However, several Chinese aviation industry experts doubted this statement, and argued that it would be a derivative version of the Shenyang FC-31 stealth fighter that would arm these ships. Over the months, several redundant pieces of information have come to give substance to these suspicions, even giving it a name, the J-35. There is very little information available on the subject, and for good reason, China does not take…

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Chinese carrier Awacs KJ-600 aircraft made its first flight

If there is one area in which the rise of the Chinese military tool impresses Westerners, it is in that of the planning of long-term means. Indeed, the People's Liberation Army has so far managed to systematically have at the same time, the new equipment expected, but also all the necessary sub-components as well as personnel and maintenance infrastructure to allow a quick and efficient entry into operational service. One of the latest examples in this area concerns the lengthening of Type 052D destroyers from the 19th unit in order to receive the new Z-20 helicopter, the ship having entered…

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