The hypothesis of a Chinese J-35 naval fighter derived from the FC-31 becomes clearer

Just a year ago, the Chinese authorities hinted that their future aircraft carriers equipped with catapults would implement a naval version of the J-20 fighter which ...

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Chinese carrier Awacs KJ-600 aircraft made its first flight

If there is one area in which the rise of the Chinese military tool impresses Westerners, it is in that of long-term resource planning. In…

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Will China stop building aircraft carriers?

According to the online information site "Hong-Kong South China Morning", the Chinese authorities have suggested that the production of aircraft carriers will be suspended, at least for a time, after the…

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5 aircraft carrier and 5eme generation aircraft for the Chinese Navy in 2030

Recent satellite photos have shown that work on the construction of the first copy of the new class of Chinese aircraft carriers, this time with catapult and stopping strands ...

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Will Awacs E7 and E8 be the last representatives of this type of device?

Advanced aerial sensing aircraft, known as AWACS, have been indispensable tools of NATO air power since the 70 years. Able to detect devices ...

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What is the influence of stealth on the performance of a fighter plane?

While Lockheed and the US Air Force are pushing to promote the F-35 in Germany at the Berlin Air Show, Eurofighter's marketing director, Raffael Klashke, has responded to ...

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