New Chinese show of force around Taiwan following the visit of a US senator

While media attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, tensions between Beijing and Washington over the island of Taiwan continue to grow, with strong demonstrations of force by the Chinese and American armies near the independent island. Thus, this weekend, the naval groups of the aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln participated in an important joint exercise between the Japanese island of Okinawa and Taiwan, after the Chinese naval group of the aircraft carrier Liaoning returned from an exercise in the Western Pacific passing through the Miyako Strait a few days earlier. Today, it was 30 planes of…

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52 Chinese fighter jets entered the Taiwanese air traffic control zone

The Chinese air force carried out, between October 1 and 2 on the occasion of the country's national holiday, an unprecedented show of force near the island of Taiwan, causing several take-offs of Taiwanese fighter planes, and vigorous protest from the Taipei authorities. On October 1, a first formation of 18 J-16 fighter bombers accompanied by 4 Su-30 fighter bombers, as well as two H-6 bombers and a Y-8 Maritime patrol aircraft carried out a first exercise south of the Taiwanese air control zone. A few hours later, on the night of the 1st…

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China increases naval and air exercises around Taiwan

It has now been several years since the Democratic Progressive Party returned to power in 2016 with the election of Tsai Ing-wen, a staunch opponent of unification with the People's Republic of China, as President of the Republic of Taiwan. that tensions cease to grow between Taipei and Beijing. Tensions that have been greatly exacerbated by the Trump presidency, the latter's economic coup policy against China, and the very significant increase in arms sales to Taipei in recent years. But until now, the demonstrations of force of the People's Liberation Army had remained measured, and always...

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Chinese carrier Awacs KJ-600 aircraft made its first flight

If there is one area in which the rise of the Chinese military tool impresses Westerners, it is in that of the planning of long-term means. Indeed, the People's Liberation Army has so far managed to systematically have at the same time, the new equipment expected, but also all the necessary sub-components as well as personnel and maintenance infrastructure to allow a quick and efficient entry into operational service. One of the latest examples in this area concerns the lengthening of Type 052D destroyers from the 19th unit in order to receive the new Z-20 helicopter, the ship having entered…

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Chinese state press mentions "possible struggle" around Taiwan island

China's state-run website today published an article reporting a large number of People's Liberation Army air force exercises around the island of Taiwan. The argument advanced in the article, citing “experts” consulted on the subject, is based on the anticipation of a fight over the island. Indeed, since the end of January, and despite the crisis linked to the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, the Chinese air force has carried out no less than 4 aerial exercises around the independent island since 1947. The exercises involve bombers long-range H-6 aircraft, KJ-500 early warning aircraft, and interceptors…

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