With Admiral Nakhimov, Russia will have the most powerfully armed cruiser in 2023

The Soviet Kirov-class nuclear cruisers were, when they entered service in 1980, considered the most powerful surface naval units in existence, with the exception of aircraft carriers, and forced the US Navy to recommission 4 Missouri-class WWII battleship, to try to balance things out. Heavily armed, with nuclear propulsion and a crew of 800 officers and sailors, these ships had unparalleled firepower until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Over the next 30 years, two of the cruisers, the Kirov renamed Admiral Ushakov, and the Frunze renamed Admiral Lazarev, were retired…

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Russia to deploy naval military base in Sudan

For more than 20 years, the Russian and Chinese authorities have sharply criticized the United States, but also Great Britain and France, for the deployment of external military bases, whether in Asia or in Africa. However, in 2017, Beijing inaugurated a major Chinese naval base in the small African state of Djibouti, which already hosts an American base and a French base. As for Russia, it signed, on November 6, an agreement with the Sudanese authorities of Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan, to deploy a major naval base on the Indian Ocean coast, as announced Russian Prime Minister...

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Modern Russian deep sea combat ships

While the Russian Navy often makes the news about its submarine fleet, its surface combat fleet is now undergoing a full revival, and has new capabilities that are likely to pose significant problems for NATO and its naval force of foreground. This overview of the high seas surface combat units of the Russian Navy will allow us to understand their capabilities and the challenges. Kirov class cruisers (2) The entry into service of the Kirov cruiser in 1980 so worried the US Navy that it decided to reactivate the 4 Iowa class battleships inherited from the Second World War, to rebalance the balance of power…

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Russian Navy strengthens logistics component

On the occasion of the entry into service of the new tanker Academician Pashin, this January 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 5 other units of the project 23130 from which it originated will be built and will enter service from 2024. This is a profound change in doctrine for the Russian Navy, which until now did not use this type of ship, unlike Western fleets.

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Should we build cruisers again for the French Navy?

A photo that surfaced on social media over the weekend showing 15 destroyers in a single shot at various stages of completion in the Shanghai Arsenal was widely shared and commented on by the Defense sphere. In fact, it showed 3 Type 052 destroyers under maintenance, 8 Type 52D destroyers in various states of completion, but also 2 Type 055 heavy destroyers at sea being equipped, and two others under construction. This new building, weighing almost 13.000 tons and carrying more than 120 missiles, if it is called "heavy destroyer" by Chinese nomenclature, responds much more to the definition of ...

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