Russia orders 6 new corvettes for the Pacific fleet

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, via the TASS agency, a new order for corvettes of the 20380 family, in order to strengthen and modernize the Pacific fleet between 2024 and 2028. Two of these ships will be Steregushchiy class corvettes of project 20380, while the 4 others will be of the Gremyashchiy class of project 20385, in both cases ships with significant firepower, and able to significantly strengthen Russian naval capabilities on its Pacific coast. The Steregushchiy class corvettes, 6 of which are already in service with the Baltic fleets and…

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site, which specializes in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the P-360 Neptune anti-ship missile which took place on April 2 near Odessa. The video shows the launch of the missile from its quadruple launcher, as well as the impact on the target net carried by the targeting barge. According to Oleg Korostelev, who runs the Ukrainian company Luch in charge of the Neptune program, the tests gave rise to 3 shots, all successful, against targets a hundred kilometers away. Based on the Kh35 anti-ship cruise missile, the P-360 Neptune in…

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