Japan launches public-private partnership to support and increase defense exports

Constitutionally, Japan cannot export arms, which is why the Japanese arms industry has remained essentially confined to national production. But the rapid evolution of the geostrategic situation in…

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Will visual observation capabilities really be at the heart of the future maritime patrol aircraft?

In 2018, France and Germany signed a letter of intent for cooperation aiming at the development of a new maritime patrol aircraft (PATMAR) to replace the current planes on the horizon ...

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Russia chooses Tu-204 as future maritime patrol aircraft

Maritime patrol is a field that is relatively unknown to the public. Most often dependent on naval air forces, it is made up of long-range aircraft, equipped to detect, monitor, etc.

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The Japanese high seas fleet in 2030

In the early 90s, as the world celebrated the end of East-West bipolarization with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Japan set out to develop a fleet of high ...

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