Russia unveils export version of its new Hermes long-range anti-tank missile

Beyond wandering ammunition and drones, if there is one weapon system that demonstrated its effectiveness during the conflict between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in the fall of 2020, it is the Israeli long-range SPIKE NLOS anti-tank missile, which destroyed significant numbers of Armenian armor and strongholds without the targets ever being aware of being targeted. In the same way as the first generation AT-2 anti-tank missiles which wreaked havoc in the ranks of Israeli armor during the Yom Kippur War, leading to the massive entry of this new type of armament...

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Modern attack helicopters, from the AH64 Apache to the Z19.

Although helicopters have been used in combat since the end of the 40s, notably during the Korean War during which they played a determining role for the first time in missions to evacuate wounded and recover ejected pilots, will have to wait until 1967 for an armed helicopter specially designed for attack missions to participate in an armed conflict. It was the American Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter of the US Army in the context of the Vietnam War. Since then, the attack helicopter has established itself as an indispensable tool in the inventory of modern armies, and the Mi-24 Hind, the AH-64 Apache and…

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Russian Ka-52M Alligator helicopter could receive light "cruise missiles"

According to the Russian press, citing sources from the military-industrial complex, the modernization program for the Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter, the Ka-52M, could include the integration of an air "cruise missile" -ground that can carry up to 100km. The information is surprising, but nevertheless sheds light on the intentions of the Russian army vis-à-vis this new variant of the Ka-52, which could soon be ordered at nearly 114 copies to be delivered by the end of the decade. Originally, the single-seater Kamov Ka-50 and the two-seater Ka-52 were designed at the end of the Cold War to succeed the mythical Mil Mi-24 Hind, and were presented in…

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Modernization of Russian Ka52M attack helicopters takes shape

In May 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced its intention to order 30 new Ka52 combat helicopters to be delivered by 2022, and to modernize 114 of the existing Ka52s to the M standard, based on feedback from the forces deployed in Syria. . But since then, nothing really seemed to materialize this announcement. But things are about to change, since according to the company Russian Helicopters, the Ministry of Defense should sign, during 2020, a global contract for the modernization of the Ka52M comparable to that which was signed for the modernization of the Mi28MN this year, and which unlocked the negotiations between the industrialist Mil…

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Russia will develop a new generation of helicopter "Hind"

The Mil MI-24 gunship, referred to as “Hind” in NATO terminology, was a symbol of Soviet military power during the Cold War. Built in more than 2500 units, exported to more than 60 countries, the aircraft has participated, over its evolutions and modernizations, in more than ten major conflicts, ranging from the war in Afghanistan to the Russian intervention. in South Ossetia. Unlike Western designs, which divided combat helicopters like the AH-64 Apache and AH-1 Cobra, Soviet engineers opted for the "GunShip" configuration, a heavily armed and armored helicopter capable of carrying up to 8 men simultaneously. In…

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Russia modernizes Mi-35 helicopters after Syrian experience

After armored vehicles and drones, it is the turn of Russian helicopters to take stock of their skills following their use in the Syrian theater, in order to update their capabilities and systems. After the Ka-52 and the Mi-28, it is the Mi-35, heir to the famous Mi-24 Hind, to undergo an evolution, the majority of the fleet will therefore move from the M standard to the MV standard, integrating a new system anti-missile protection President-S, modernized optronics OPS-24N1, new engines and reinforcement of its armor. This modernization is interesting in more ways than one. First, it intervenes while the Mil office…

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Serial feedback of experience for Russian equipment

After the modifications made to the Uran-9 land combat drone, it is the turn of the Ka-52 and Mi-28 combat helicopters to undergo a modernization program based on feedback from the Syrian theater. According to the TASS agency, the two combat helicopters will see their power increased, and the optronic systems modernized, to improve the detection and identification of targets. At the same time, the same Tass agency, in its Russian version, indicates that the Ministry of Defense had ordered 12 Uran-6 autonomous demining robots, also tested in Syria. Since the beginning of the intervention in Syria, as well as in the Donbass, the Russian forces have not hesitated to deploy…

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