Coastal defense batteries return to center stage

Traditionally, until the mid-60s, military ports and arsenals, as well as certain strategic locations on the coasts, were frequently protected by coastal batteries, both anti-aircraft and anti-ship.…

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Russian Coastal Defense will be cooperative

An article published by the Izvestia site, citing Admiral Valentin Selivanov, former Chief of Staff of the Navy, provides information on the organization of Russian Coastal Defense in the years ...

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When the Russian Defense Minister takes stock of his action

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigou, presented, during a speech to the Defense Committee of the lower chamber of the Duma, an assessment of the developments undertaken and actual ...

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The second phase of the Irako-Syrian conflict has started

As the media coverage of the Iraqi-Syrian conflict has largely diminished, one might be tempted to consider that the situation is in the process of normalization. On the ground, however, the tensions and risks of generalized conflagration are still very important, to see are advantages today, while the lines are blurred with the announced disappearance of the Islamic State.

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