Beijing increases military pressure on India in the Himalayas

Recourse to the military threat seems to have become the rule for Beijing when one of its neighbors does not comply with its demands. In addition to the widely commented case of Taiwan, with numerous naval and air exercises and increasingly threatening rhetoric from the Chinese authorities and the national press against the independent island, it is now the turn of the India to have to face increasingly explicit threats, and increasingly important and dense military exercises along its eastern border with the People's Republic of China, in particular on…

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Chinese Shenyang announces the development of a new generation hunter… again!

It is through a publication on its WeChat page that the Chinese aeronautical giant Shenyang, which belongs to the AVIC consortium and which has developed, among other things, the J-11, J-15 and J-16 fighters equipping the Chinese air and naval air forces , announced that it has started research to develop a new generation fighter, presented as 5th generation in China and known as 6th generation in the West, whose entry into service is estimated in 2035. For purposes of understanding, we will use in the rest of the article the classification of Western generations. Concomitantly, the company also announced that it had started the development of a 5th generation fighter at…

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Modern Chinese fighter planes

At the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the Chinese air forces were equipped for the most part with locally-made aircraft with performances much lower than those of Western aircraft such as the F15, F16, F18 or Mirage 2000, or Soviets like the Mig 29 or the Su27. Chinese industry could then only produce devices that were at least one generation behind with regard to the technological standard of the moment. In the space of a generation, Chinese-made aircraft displaying performance comparable to the most modern aircraft in service in the American or European air forces have come into use.

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