With the QUICKSINK program, the US Air Force will acquire anti-ship guided bombs

If airborne anti-ship missiles, such as the RGM-84A Harpoon, the AM39 Exocet, or the AGM-158c LRASM, were designed to overcome warships such as frigates and destroyers, and have capabilities specific to counter the defense systems of these ships, they are on the other hand complex to implement, and carry a relatively low explosive payload (between 150 and 250 kg depending on the model), making them weapons that are not very suitable for overcoming large merchant ships. As for their high prices, they make them irrelevant to take on smaller ships, such as…

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New Poseidon P-8A weapons could make it a bomber

In a request for information to industry posted on the new online Federal Procurement Center, the US Navy's Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has disclosed some of its plans to expand operational capabilities of its fleet of P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. This would indeed go through the integration of new weapons on the Poseidon. These armaments would considerably extend its military capabilities, to the point of making it a real regional bomber, while making it more formidable than ever for naval combat on and under water. The debate over the extent of the operational spectrum of the P-8As has raged for years in…

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