Dassault Aviation would have completed testing of the CC-422 canon pod for the modernized Mirage 2000D

In July 2016, Dassault Aviation was awarded a major renovation program for 55 Air Force Mirage 2000D assault aircraft. Faced with the aging of embedded systems in ...

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Removal of Mig27 service in India could benefit Rafale

It's official, the Indian Air Force will withdraw from service its squadrons that were still implementing the Mig27 attack aircraft acquired in the 80 years. This withdrawal, although planned ...

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Early withdrawal of the Jaguars, no second order from Rafale, the Indian Air Force clarifies its acquisition strategy

A few days after taking office, Air Marshal Bhadauria, Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force, has clarified the acquisition strategy of the Indian Air ...

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India renounces the re-motorization of its Jaguars and struggles to modernize its air force

The Indian authorities have announced the suspension and cancellation of the contract, however, on the re-motorization of 80 Jaguar attack aircraft by Honeywell F125 reactors, the financial offer ...

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