Israel wants new F-15s paid for by US

Each year, the budget of the Israeli armies is matched by the United States to the tune of $ 3,3 billion to acquire new equipment from US industries, as well as ...

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Israel develops drop tanks for its F35i Adir

If the F35A offers great stealth and very advanced detection and communication systems, it now appears to be limited in several areas, such as air defense by…

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Israeli air force to deactivate F-16 squadron to make room for new fighter jets

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced that one of the Air Force's (IAF) F-16C / D squadrons will be deactivated in October 2020. This announcement follows the publication ...

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Between F15 and F35, Israel chooses the 2!

Despite a public deficit of around 3,8% in 2019, the Israeli military authorities announced two new orders for fighter jets, to equip a new squadron of F35i and ...

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Israeli fighters train long-range raids to strike Iran

In an article published on July 19, the site provides several information on the positions of the Israeli authorities vis-à-vis Iran, and on the measures taken in ...

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