The firepower of Israel's new Saar 6 corvette is second to none

The Israeli Navy has never been a priority for the HQ of the Hebrew State. Today, its offshore fleet is limited to 3 corvettes of 1000 tons Sa'ar 5 acquired from…

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Aircraft carriers, anti-missile systems, combat aircraft: Seoul reveals its ambitions for the coming decade

Unlike the Europeans, South Korea has never neglected its investments in Defense, including during the period following the collapse of the Soviet bloc and which was ...

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Pentagon doesn't want additional Israeli Iron Dome systems

According to the Israeli press, the Pentagon would have renounced the acquisition of additional Iron Dome systems to strengthen its close protection capabilities, due to an incompatibility of the Israeli system with ...

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The less revolutionary Israeli drone dome laser device than it seems

At the beginning of January, the Israeli military authorities published a video on social networks showing an anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection device based on laser energy which foreshadowed a ...

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Israel will have a new airborne laser anti-missile system from 2021!

The Israeli defense industry had so far communicated little about directed energy weapons, such as lasers. But it looks like she's about to do her hair ...

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US Army backs off on multi-purpose MML launcher

From 2015, the US Army launched a program intended to ensure the close protection of its sensitive infrastructures against air threats, ranging from aircraft to drones by the way ...

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Protection against drones and rockets becomes a necessity in the short term

The US Army has just formalized an order for 2 Israeli Iron Dome protection systems to ensure close protection of its infrastructure against drones, rockets, mortar shells and ...

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