China to invest $ 500 billion over 10 years to close nuclear weapons gap

According to the state-owned website, citing diplomatic sources, Beijing has signaled to Washington its refusal to participate in the US-Russia negotiations on the reduction of nuclear weapons in the park. At…

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US withdrawal from Open Skies threatens nuclear weapons control and Baltic security

Last week, the New York Times announced that the Trump administration wanted to withdraw the United States from the Open Skies treaty. If this international agreement now plays a minor role in the…

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The Ukrainian anti-ship missile Neptune shows its effectiveness

The Ukrainian site, specialized in defense issues, has published an exclusive video showing the test of the anti-ship missile P-360 Neptune which took place on April 2…

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The US Marines Corps quickly wants to acquire new generation anti-ship missiles

As we often mention in our lines, it seems that the strategic initiative has changed sides, after three decades of American superiority over military affairs. In China, in…

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Why does Putin propose the immediate renewal of the New Start treaty?

At a meeting on Defense, President Putin said he was ready to sign the full and non-negotiated extension of the nuclear weapons treaty ...

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Washington wants to blame the release of the Open Sky Treaty on Europeans

This is not what is said, but it is what it is! The Trump administration has urged Europeans to "solve the problems regarding the Open Sky Treaty", ...

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SSGN (X): Five Large Submarine Payload to Replace Four US Ohio Class SSGNs?

The United States Navy (USN) is required to compensate for the future disarmament of the four Ohio-class Ship Submersible Guided Nuclear Missiles (SSGNs) .The SSGN (X) program or more ...

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The Strategic Strike Canon Artillery in the Long Range Precision Fires Program

The Field Artillery Branch or the artillery weapon of the US Army has the will to develop and implement an artillery gun with a range of 1000 miles, 1609 ...

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